Children and families

…a charming and seductive children’s show, full of magical moments and strange sights.

Joyce MacMillan, The Scotsman



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1st July 2017 to 30th September 2017

We're having a busy summer in the LicketyOffice at North Edinburgh Arts Centre.

We're looking forward to doing some Picnic & Play soon (outdoor Porridge & Play!) with families in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

- North Edinburgh Arts Centre Picnic & Play Wed 9th Aug!

Summer Playcards!

Click on the links to see our Summer Playcards - six to collect!

Summer Playcard 1 - Mucky Brew!

Summer Playcard 2 - Pirates!

Summer Playcard 3 - Jelly On His Head!

Summer Playcard 4 - Hide and Seek!

Summer Playcard 5 - Ickerickeroo!

Last Summer Playcard - Let's Bake a Cake!

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You made my kids smile almost as much as Santa!Parent
FANTASTICOSICO! The whole show was fantastic... I know that all our friends' children would love this. Will definitely push your company to all we know with kids. We would love to see all of the other productions (and so would our kids!)Audience member. The LicketyTale of Molly Whuppie, December 2013
Ducks on the hat, made a quack. Owls "whoo whoo" on the hat too. I liked when they moved their feet around. Snow came from the roof.East Craigs Primary School


Sing along with Margaret & Margaret