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Magic Spaghetti 

A play about food and openness to new things


If you missed out on seeing the show, or need a refresher then read on below!


Magic Spaghetti is a hilarious and mouth-watering story, inspired by the Calabrian folk tale ‘The Magic Pasta Pot’. Strega Nona is renowned for her handy magic remedies but raises eyebrows with her ‘fancy’ cooking in the town of Plain in Scotaly. One by one the townsfolk secretly pay her a visit. Big Tony only eats spaghetti. Imagine his delight when he discovers her magic spaghetti pot. One day she goes out and Big Tony seizes his chance to invite the town to a feast. Big Tony is a hero! Until he discovers he can’t stop the pot…

Magic Spaghetti 2005

Magic Spaghetti xxx