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LOVED the show. I loved all of it! Virginia's a genius!

Audience member. The LicketyTale of Molly Whuppie, December 2013


Magic Spaghetti

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A mouth-watering comedy with live music and cooking!

By Virginia Radcliffe

Magic Spaghetti is set in the imaginary country of Scotaly. A young girl Florentina and her mother set off to see the world. They have great adventures but Florentina never forgets the delicious fresh grown food of her childhood in the Town of Plain.

Finally, she returns, now an old woman, to find all they now eat in Plain is plain food and definitely nothing green!

Florentina grows onions and chilles in her garden. She raises eyebrows with her 'fancy' cooking. They call her Strega Nona – Granny Witch But rumour has it that on her travels Strega Nona has learned a bit of handy magic. And everyone needs abit of magic sometimes…

One by one her neighbours pay her a visit to ask her for help. Strega Nona is always cooking something ‘fancy’! It would be rude not to try it - but don't tell a soul!

Big Tony only eats Spaghetti. Imagine his delight when he spies Strega Nona's Magic Pasta Pot! One day she goes out and Tony seizes his chance to invite the town for a feast. Big Tony is a hero! Until they discover he can't stop the pot.....

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Jamie Oliver would surely consider Licketyspit on the side of the angels as far as children and their eating habits are concerned.The LIST


Sing along with Margaret & Margaret