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Licketyspit has quickly earned a reputation as one of Scotland's most polished children's theatre companies. Its work is typically playful, athletic and imaginative. Those qualities are all present in its latest production.

Mark Fisher, High Arts


Porridge & Play

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What is Porridge & Play? 

Porridge & Play is based on a selection of Licketyspit's repertoire of 38 games, rhymes, songs, traditional streetplay and imaginary play. The games make it easy for participants to play creatively and to experiment - to take the lead, create stories and characters and to invent and explore imagined playworlds together.

Adults need and enjoy play as much as children do. It is wonderful for families to play together and to have a story-rich, fun family culture. LicketyLeaping children want to share their experience with their families - they go home and take them to the 'cave' under the kitchen table or up the duvet-sofa 'mountain'! So Porridge & Play is child-centred play for children and adults as well as for children's independent play. Everyone is equal. The way we play is as important as what we play. Our play is scrupulously fair.     The joy is in playing together and in the amazing and hilarious creativity and generosity everyone has and can share.

Porridge & Play sessions begin with a sociable group meal around one big table - porridge or delicious home-made soup, lots of fruit, bread, jam, tea, juice - everyone helps themselves and we have a good chat! Then Licketyspit actor-pedagogues lead a drama-led play session using a selection of the Playcard repertoire. Sessions finish with Reflective Drawing and the Lickety Gallery. 

Families take home Lickety Playcards so they can keep playing the games - and they do!

There are 32 cards to collect, with song words, game instructions and colourful illustrations.

Where does it happen?

Porridge & Play can happen in many contexts - in schools, communities, parks and playgrounds. 

The imaginary play within Porridge & Play is powerful. People can welcome each other to their homes in imaginary playworlds! We have been to Nigeria, Poland and Pakistan in our Magic Ball! Anything can happen. Nothing is wrong. This project exemplifies Licketyspit's ambitions to empower children, to raise their status in society, to strengthen relationships in families and communities.



Group meal at Porridge & Play




Sing along with Margaret & Margaret