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The show was great, very enjoyable and funny! My child was very interested! She sat through the whole show!

Audience member. The LicketyTale of Molly Whuppie, December 2013



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Licketyspit is currently delivering STORYPLAY to Oakwood Primary School, St. Marys Primary School and CANAL VIEW Primary School.








STORYPLAY is a drama-led early intervention tackling the attainment gap through increased opportunities to explore literacy through drama and stories. Licketyspit are skilled professional theatre makers offering a unique programme of drama-led play sessions for your whole school community – including parents!

STORYPLAY makes it easy for participants to actively discover, develop and share their imaginations; increasing use and variety of vocabulary, nurturing relationships within the school community to help achieve the aims of the GIRFEC (Getting it Right for Every Child) Wellbeing Wheel and ensuring that children within your school have access to high quality drama-led play opportunities.



Licketyspit has a fantastic repertoire of stories developed with and for children which will fire the imaginations of your whole school community and can act as a stimulus for classroom activities across the whole curriculum!






 • Support your school's ambitions


• Raise children’s confidence and improving social skills


• Contribute to overcoming the poverty attainment gap


• Support Growth Mindset

• Professional artists in your school can bring new approaches and perspectives


• Provide powerful theatre & drama-led ‘experiences’ are catalysts for learning, teaching, play and conversation.


• Work with staff and families together to foster an inclusive, creative, confident, child-centred, culture where every child can flourish and every adult can feel at home. 


• Support a story-rich, culture where language is celebrated, enjoyed and explored


• Strengthen relationships, emotional literacy, shared experiences and trust.


• Create a relaxed creative environment where children can take risks and make mistakes







STORYPLAY can include a combination or all of the below


 1) LicketyLeap – a powerful immersive theatre experience for groups of ten children (nursery-P2) and their teachers delivered by three actor-pedagogues in school hall/classroom over two half-day sessions a week apart. Children participate in The Story of Margaret and Margaret and journey with them through the bog, over the sea, into the cave and up the mountain to find their Heart’s Desire. Parents and carers are invited to Session Two.


 2) Playcard Play – Licketyspit has developed a rich resource of over 40 games, rhymes, songs and imaginary play activities drawing on traditional street and playground play and drama-led play expertise.   


 Playcard play is delivered in a range of ways:



• Children learn how to play the playcard games with their classmates and teacher.


• Porridge & Play – A two-hour Intergenerational session where parents/carers join their children in playcard play and for a healthy communal meal round a table. Licketyspit provides porridge or homemade soup and an abundance of delicious fruit, bread, jam, tea, coffee and squash.


 • Book Play – as above but a children’s book is introduced as part of the session as a source for imaginary play and performance. Participants discover that every book is a new playworld. (encourages reading and a love of books. Also delivered in libraries)


 • Story-making – a development out of Playcard imaginary play where children create and perform their own stories, which can be filmed and printed off as stories to illustrate and take home.


 • Playground Play – Children learn how to successfully lead playcard play outside in the playground. This is often done with P6 or P7 children who enjoy this play as much as younger children but are less likely to initiate it independently.



4) Staff CPD in drama-led play, LicketyLeap and Playcard Play is central to Storyplay.  Licketyspit actor-pedagogues seek to establish a lasting relationship with your school through our  interventions but this approach will achieve its true potential in bridging the attainment gap through the teachers, early years practitioners and PSA’s finding their own ways to build this approach into their practice and school life. Regular dialogue between Licketyspit and teachers will ensure Storyplay inputs are effective and compatible with the curriculum.


 5) The Licketyspit Children and Families Network  This is an online and face-to-face network of families who have played with Licketyspit. It’s root is the company’s  interactive website (in re-development), facebook and twitter, which fosters a sense of a community of families  across Scotland who can share ideas and resources. Families also sign up to receive newsletters by email and texts  about further school, community and cultural based Licketyspit activities, ideas, drama, stories and play resources. 


 6) Evaluation Licketyspit seeks to sustain a continuing dialogue with the staff team to ensure the Storyplay programme is working and meeting the schools needs. company provides evaluation models drawing on staff/parent/children  and actor-pedagogue observations/data capture/film/photography/reflective drawing. 





 “I believe that imaginative play through participative drama is crucial for child development. Licketyspit have found the answer and every nursery school they have been to will vouch I am sure for the success and significance of their achievement. Their drama of the two Margarets is quite simply the most important piece of instrumental art there has been for a very long time and every nursery school in Scotland could benefit from taking part in it.” Malcolm Chisholm, MSP 2013



How can YOU access Licketyspit's STORYPLAY programme?


STORYPLAY in your school can mean anything from targeted interventions over 2 weeks, to a year-round programme of drama-led play, family engagement and creative learning opportunities! A STORYPLAY programme and costs can be designed to meet the needs and budget of your school.  For an initial discussion about how your school can become a Licketyspit STORYPLAY school, please contact Virginia Radcliffe on 0131 332 1648 or email 


Head Teacher Ann Moore, Canal View Primary, Wester Hailes, Edinburgh (Licketyspit Residency Nov/Dec 2016):


There was a huge increase in parental participation in school in an area where that isn’t easy ….it was so relaxed and so easy. They could see their children having fun yet you could see there was a lot of learning going on there. In areas like this, the data tells us the big barrier to attainment is the lack of vocabulary among children. A programme like this really addressed that – using words to describe things, using your imagination, using your creativity, and no ‘right’ and ‘wrong answers’. It fits in beautifully with the Growth Mind-set approach – trying things out, making mistakes is ok –it gave our children a lot of confidence and a lot of space to explore words, vocabulary, feelings, stories and that invaluable stuff that we really need, to make a difference. If we can intervene in children’s lives early enough to make a difference, this is where we have to start.


Creating the conditions where families could become so involved in it was absolutely brilliant. If we had done something just in school on our own, we wouldn’t have had that same take-up or feeling from people coming in. It is about that leveller. It’s not hierarchical.  It’s you coming in and playing alongside their children and them and giving them permission to do that, which is really important. 




Sing along with Margaret & Margaret