““Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn and play with my child. It has been a magical experience. I love the staff too.””

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BIG Porridge & Play

BIG PORRIDGE & PLAY GLASGOW is a unique three year project (2017-19), for families with children under 12 in Ruchill, Whiteinch and the Gorbals. BIG Porridge & Play takes place for 8-week blocks in April-June.

Big Porridge & Play is an expanded version of Porridge & Play, which developed out of our engagement with parents during our flagship early intervention project, LicketyLeap. Porridge & Play is based on the Licketyspit repertoire of 38 games, rhymes, songs, traditional streetplay and imaginary play.

BIG Porridge & Play Glasgow developed out of our DRAMATIKA Glasgow pilot (2015-16). Funded by the BIG Lottery, it brings families together in their local community centre for an 8-week block of Porridge & Play culminating in a Celebration Event and sharing.

Download the BPPG Year 2 Report

In Year 2, we also had a Maryhill venue,
with funding from the Maryhill Housing Association.

We had a fantastic time delivering the first two years of BIG Porridge & Play Glasgow with wonderful families, who we stay in touch with through our Children & Families Network.

Watch our BIG Porridge & Play Year 2 Film!

Venue Info


Ruchill Community Centre, 671 Bilsland Drive, Glasgow, G20 9NF


St Francis Centre, 405 Cumberland Street, Glasgow, G5 0SE


Whiteinch Centre, 1 Northinch Court, Glasgow, G14 0UG

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