“It's just being able to play with the childre. You, the adult, being the child you want to be. ”

Mum, BIG Porridge & Play Glasgow
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Picnic & Play

Picnic & Play is a version of Porridge & Play that takes place in outdoors or cultural venues, such as a museums, galleries and parks.

Picnic & Play sessions takes the same format as Porridge & Play – a delicious group meal followed by an hour of inter-generational, drama-led games, rhymes, songs and imaginary play. The session ends with Reflective Drawing and the Lickety Gallery where everyone is invited to present their artwork and talk about their experience of the session.

Picnic & Plays tend to be one off sessions, where members of the Licketyspit Children & Families network can meet each other and play in a cultural venue or space they may not regularly use. Collaborating organisations have an opportunity to introduce their organisation and tell families what it has to offer, and Licketyspit can help plan child-centred engagement activities for our families in the venues, following the session, such as by creating trails and imaginary play stimuli for an exhibition. Picnic & Plays are also opportunities for new families to discover the company, as well as the Lickety Playcard repertoire.

Picnic & Play developed out of Porridge & Play and is a highly adaptable project. It has taken place in Edinburgh venues including WHALE Arts, City Arts Centre, Rannoch Community Centre, North Edinburgh Arts and the Botanics, and Glasgow venues including the Riverside Museum, the Tall Ship, the Botanics, Glasgow Green and the Glasgow Women’s Library. Licketyspit has a particularly strong track record working with families in communities with relatively little arts engagement and this project is highly successful in facilitating engagement between our partner venues and members of our Children & Families Network.

If you would like a Licketyspit Picnic & Play to come to your venue, or would like to discuss a collaboration, please get in touch by emailing cfn@licketyspit.com, or phone 0131 332 1648.

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