“It makes me feel happy and I like playing with the little ones. ”

P6 Playground Play Champion, Riverside Primary
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Playground Play

In Playground Play, actor-pedagogues teach the Lickety Playcard repertoire of over 40 games, rhymes, songs and imaginary play activities to older children and then teach them to lead younger children in the games.

Children learn how to successfully lead Playcard Play outside in the playground. This is often done with P6 or P7 children who enjoy this play as much as younger children but are less likely to initiate it independently. Leading play with younger children is of great benefit to all the children involved. The older children develop leadership skills and all the children involved develop their social skills, confidence and self-esteem and sense of belonging.

In Playground Play we reinforce the messages we include in all of our sessions about inclusion and fairness – not putting hands up to reduce anxiety about “being picked” , playing in a circle so that we can see everyone, and giving everyone the time they need to join in. In this way we empower children to play fairly and inclusively, and to unlock their collective and individual imaginations!

We regularly get reports from our Storyplay Schools that Licketyspit Playground Play is taking place at break and lunch-time independently of our sessions and we are currently working on plans to film participants to create online resources to expand the reach of the Lickety Playcard repertoire.

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