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Role of the actor-pedagogue

“You are educationists, you are philosophers but most of all you are artists, your work is very important.” –  Bulgarian child psychotherapist/ EuroChild Conference, Sofia 2014/LicketyLeap.

The success of Licketyspit’s engagement with children is the connection between children and actors who are both experts at play. Adults who want to play, who take play as seriously as children do and can suspend their disbelief utterly to go with them into imaginary worlds, can empower children to do the same. This is the role of the actor-pedagogue.

Licketyspit actor-pedagogues are ‘players’ and social activists who put every participant at ease to enable equal play and inclusion. The actor-pedagogues treat all participants as equals – not as adults instructing children, but as experts who know how to play and who want to remove all barriers to the fullest participation of every participant in the play session.

    Virginia Radcliffe Artistic Director, CEO & Actor Pedagogue

      Shona Rattray Executive Producer

        Ruby Zajac Creative Producer CFN & Actor Pedagogue

          Taz Actor-Pedagogue

            Iona Actor-Pedagogue

              Jack Tully Actor-Pedagogue

                Effie Actor-Pedagogue

                  Sanjay Actor-Pedagogue

                    Andre Actor-Pedagogue

                      Licketyspit Actor-Pedagogues