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Beautiful. Good audience participation. Well presented.

Audience member. The LicketyTale of Molly Whuppie, December 2013


Nursery Testimonials

Child Development Team Leader, Chesters Nursery School, 2014

"Working with the actors and staff from Licketyspit is an extremely worthwhile experience for all children regardless of their needs and abilities. Every child is encouraged to participate therefore supporting the development of their social skills. Many of the children within Glasgow's areas of high deprivation require support with emotional literacy. Licketyspit Theatre Company has the ability to significantly address this issue through drama using highly skilled staff. I would therefore endorse funding for this company to ensure they are able to continue their LicketyLeap work with children across Scotland."

Head of Centre, North Edinburgh Childcare, 2014

"We have worked with Licketyspit Theatre Company on numerous occasions and find them very professional and the results with the children before and after are amazing. I would highly recommend them and they would be fantastic for CPD training."

Primary School Teacher, Pirniehall Primary School, 2014

"It has been over  a year and a half since I brought children from a Primary 1 class to a LicketyLeap production. The children really enjoyed the experience and the quieter children in the class came out of their shell more so than doing drama etc in the classroom. The children were immersed in the Margaret and Margaret story and responded well to making movement and sound to show the journey. The children were talking about it long after we go back and they enjoyed acting it out again and again, with their own adaptations. When my P1 Class started the following year I had my postcard up in the classroom and it was a great talking point, easing the transition between nursery and P1 as they had experienced Margaret and Margaret in nursery, so we had a shared understanding of something.

I will be moving into Primary 2 in August and I think that developing something similar for children at this age group would be very beneficial – particularly children who are still working within early level at school. It is a great way of developing children’s confidence and of giving the class a shared experience. It also has lots of potential for teachers to develop writing and other literacy activities around it. As a cluster next year we are establishing and using different way of enhancing children’s literacy and enjoyment of books and stories and projects such as this would really help this too."

Early Years Officer, Craigour Park Primary, 2014

"Both the LicketyLeap and Licketyspit team have provided amazing, inspiring and thought provoking activities for the children I have worked with in the past. It is a delight to be a part of one of their fantastic performances, and to experience a show where children are actively encouraged to join in, move around and make a noise is wonderful. As someone who has worked in early years for over 18 years, the thought of taking 50 three year olds to a theatre production is often one which fills me with dread, however LicketyLeap and Licketyspit productions are clearly designed for children by people who know and understand children. It is refreshing to see adults encourage participation and it is a testimony to the professionalism of the actors that they can adapt their performances based on the children’s interests or lack thereof!

I have worked with the team for many years now and they have been extremely helpful and flexible depending on our requirements.

All the shows which I have been lucky enough to be involved in have been simple but effective in drawing the children in to their magical world, resulting in the realisation that regardless of income, every family should be able to offer their child the opportunity to explore creative, imaginative play and the wonder of performance.

To have participated in the Margaret and Margaret project was definitely a highlight for me. The basis of the production was so simple, but the children were more engaged than I had ever seen them. We transferred the idea of using large pieces of fabric for imaginative play to our role play, big brick and story areas in nursery, resulting in the most fantastic and creative work.

I believe the work achieved by the LicketyLeap and Licketyspit teams is invaluable. The benefits for children, their families and school staff are huge, and my only criticism is that there are not funds available for every school, nursery and early years establishment in the city to experience their magic!" 

Head Teacher, Levenhall Nursery School, 2014

"We have quite a long history with Licketyspit Theatre Company. Initially, we were involved with 'Molly Whuppie' over a period of time before seeing the actual production in the theatre. That was a really wonderful experience. Two or three times we went to the theatre to see performances with less preparation. We also took part in the 'Heelie Go Leerie' project and 'The Two Margarets'. The children and staff have thoroughly enjoyed participating in a totally different experience, which influenced their play for a time around each event. It is a great addition to the variety of nursery activities that we provide over each year. Thank you very much." 

Depute Head Teacher, Granton Nursery, 2014

"The children found the work that was done very rewarding and we saw some children's confidence growing over the sessions. The work that was put in by the performers was fantastic and they made the sessions appropriate for the age and stage of development of our children."


We thought The Christmas Quangle Wangle was fantastic and enjoyed it very much.Audience member
Great - nice mix of music and visuals. Even engaged my 9-month-old. Audience member. The LicketyTale of Molly Whuppie, December 2013
Super performances, great audience participation. The kids were entranced. Dynamic storytelling!Audience member. The LicketyTale of Molly Whuppie, December 2013