Licketyspit Volunteers

The Licketyspit Volunteers (Asim, Saliha, Daniel and Boatemma) play a key role in supporting Porridge & Play and Picnic & Play sessions.

They receive mentoring and support from the Licketyspit core team and participate in evaluations and debriefs.

“My experience as a volunteer with Licketyspit is one of the most remarkable experiences, as the sessions invests in the future through enhancing children’s imagination and creativity.”

“Doing this has made realise how much I like being with children, even though I’m an adult, doing these kinds of things I feel I can be more myself. I feel free. With the dressing up, you can’t do that all the time but I feel I can be myself.”

“I really love doing the soup…there’s positive feedback… I think that these are the kind of projects that should be encouraged.”

If you are interested in volunteering with Licketyspit, please get in touch by emailing or call 0141 353 3850.