Bubble Bubble, Toil & Trouble


Find out what the Maryhill Group got up to during our SPOOKTAKULAR final session at Woodside Library!  Tuesday 31st October Well!  What a  spooktastic Halloween party we had at Porridge & Play this week!   Woodside Library was host to an array of fabulous and fantastical creatures and witches from far and wide! (And we met a spooky chicken, a very scary cat, a monster rat and a scary wolf!)     Have you ever wondered what a witch is like? What they might wear? How they might travel?     The most marvellous witches arrived at Woodside Library today.     They had journeyed from far and near. They looked STRANGE! and it turned out that they LOVED casting ghastly spells!     First Witch Heather and the Bog Witch led our crew of weird and wonderful spell-makers with ear splitting cackles! Ah ha ha ha! Screeched Witch Heather! Luckily Witch Hermione quickly turned Witch Heather into a frog!     The magnificent Witch Mistieosa had flown all the way from Witchland! It turned out she had a brilliant spell to turn people into broomsticks! So she turned the Bog Witch into a broomstick and Witch Heather jumped on top of it and flew about on her!     Witch Jamal,  tried to turn Brodie into an ant….. but the spell bounced past him and hit Witch Emma instead! Amazing!  [...]

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Porridge & Play Bookplay at Woodside Library!


Find out what the Maryhill Group got up to during our BOOKPLAY session at Woodside Library!  Tuesday 24th October 2023 Let the Wild Rumpus begin! The Maryhill Families had a spectacular afternoon of adventures again this Tuesday at Woodside Library! It was full of marvellous Wild Things!   This week was our first Woodside BOOKPLAY session, Kevan, the Librarian had given us a fabulous book - WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE by a man called Maurice Sendak. First we listen to Steven reading to us. Where the Wild Things Are is a story about a boy called Max who is so mischevious that his Mum sends him to bed without any supper. But as he starts to fall asleep he notices that the walls of his bedroom are turning into a forest and when he looks further he sees a boat! So he gets into the boat and sails across the sea to where the WILD THINGS are! We liked this book so much that we wondered if it was possible for us to jump into the story and to actually go to Where The Wild Things Are! So we all dressed up as wild things and practised our wild faces and our wild roaring! We suddenly realised there was a slight problem- how were we going to get there? It was something we had to [...]

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Tree monsters and Grannies!!


Find out what the Maryhill Group got up to during week 3 at Woodside Library!  Tuesday 17th October This week we met some amazing Funky Chicken pals of all shapes and sizes! There was Mohammed’s Happy Cat, Daniel’s Silly Giraffe, Brodie’s  Angry Dog,  a scary Seagull that Maha knew, Lacy and Payton’s Bouncy and Happy Rabbits and a very Silly Lion from Meeshiv. After meeting all these wild  creatures, we found some colourful balloons and decided to go flying across Glasgow and beyond! Everly spied a huge volcano which  was dormant but then, all of a sudden,  it erupted and rivers of lava began to flow toward us  which made us all feel very hot! Then a rather contemporary looking dragon flew out of the top of the volcano and its scales were the most spectacular orange colour with blue spots . We watched it soar high in the sky and then it slowly  disappeared into the fiery sky. Then,  as if by magic,  we found ourselves in Egypt eating Chicken pie! It was so delicious! However,  just before we could ask for a second helping, the sand started to swirl and the wind picked up and we were all caught in the middle of a sandstorm. We were very brave though, and managed to protect our eyes whilst still hanging on to our balloons! [...]

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Mucky brews and book reviews!


Back again at Woodside Library for Porridge & Play!  Friday 13th October What a great time we had with our Maryhill pals last Friday at Woodside Library! This week we were all very excited about food… so excited, we made a Mucky Brew full of weird and wonderful foods! To start off, we got some huge ostrich eggs and cracked them over our heads which was GREAT FUN, then we covered ourselves in glorious gooey stuff. Nisa began the mucky brew pouring in runny chocolate, Vincenzo added feathers, Daniel and Lacy threw in some watermelon,  AND then we added LOTS more yucky muckyness including tomato sauce, ice-cream, eggs, strawberry jam and a BIG CAKE that we splatted on our faces before rubbing it in. To finish off this delightful mucky brew Everley got us all to take some MALT LOAF & THROW IT OVER EACH OTHERS HEADS and said the magic words!! MUCKY ME! MUCKY YOU! MUCKY MUCKY MUCKY BREW! We were so SMELLY and STICKY that we had to wash ourselves all clean and fresh again and thank goodness Tochukwu had some towels so we weren’t dripping wet! No sooner were we dry, than something truly magical happened and we all transformed into fabulous chefs from far and wide who were all, as it happened, particularly good at baking! This was wonderful [...]

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Week 1 Porridge & Play at Woodside Library!


Find out what the Maryhill Group got up to during our first session at Woodside Library!  Munching on Chocolate Croissants in the sky! We had a very exciting first session at Woodside Library on Tuesday and it was so lovely to catch up with old Licketyspit friends and meet all our  lovely new families from St Joseph’s and St Charles, Dunnard and Oakgrove primaries & Happy Days nursery!  We started with a groovy  Dance Warm Up to wake up our bodies and imaginations! Mohammed, Everley and Amina said they enjoyed the dancing best! Then we showed all our new friends how to do The Funky Chicken and we all had such good fun! Maha introduced us to her Happy Cat, Everley was a Happy Dog and Payton, a rather Squeaky Dolphin! This game definitely warmed all our voices up, just in time for some Flying Balloons which was amazing! Later Nnenna drew the most wonderful picture of the view from her balloon - of the community and everything we could see far below us in Maryhill as we soared high in the sky with  our balloons! Of course, the Naughty Seagull , who is always playing tricks, appeared and popped our balloons. So we each blew up a new one to  travel far beyond Scotland, right across the world to Egypt and Nigeria and then [...]

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Tomato Pie in a Californian Garden


Porridge & Play Maryhill is a Licketyspit Storyplay project for families with 3-8 year olds in the area. Find all of Porridge & Play Maryhill & Ruchill's adventures here! Blog post written by Sarah! Fabulous Grannies! Wednesday 29th March A truly fabulous time was had by all on our wonderful forest adventure and we met some great new friends! Forest creatures First we saw some huge bears who were actually quite gentle, some very sneaky foxes and a lot of beautiful swooping and gliding birds. Funnily enough, that Funky Chicken also had some amazing pals to introduce us to and I don’t think we’ll ever forget Rita’s Just a Dog who was so bouncy and Ameerah’s Fat Lion, who was very strong, Jdile’s T Rex Dino, who was very tall and Mohammed’s Crazy Owl, who flew super fast.  The Catwalk After all this animal excitement, we decided to get dressed up and show everyone our fine costumes on the Catwalk - there were so many colourful characters and styles, it was just spectacular! Tomato Pie We decided with glee that we all looked like incredibly glamorous grannies and in that second, we were mysteriously transported to the wild forests of California where we found ourselves smack, bang in the middle of Granny Ameerah’s garden which was covered in tomato plants. She was the most friendly [...]

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New film demonstrates the power of Porridge & Play


Monday 27th March Thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund, Licketyspit’s Porridge & Play sessions will be back in 6 Glasgow communities and online for 2023/24. Now in its 7th year, Big Porridge & Play Glasgow will take place in Govan, Maryhill, Whiteinch and online, as well as in Bridgeton, Castlemilk & Cranhill. The east end and Castlemilk groups were started last year as part of the Scottish Government’s New Scots Integration Strategy, and the Lottery have stepped up to fund their continuation. Children and parents highlight the positive impact the sessions have on their confidence, mental health and wellbeing, relationships and sense of belonging, as well as children’s learning and development. “When I come here I feel like you can be you and feel free and you can laugh.” 6 year old, Porridge & Play Castlemilk Scroll down to watch the new film! “First week we came they were very shy but now very good. We all really enjoy this. I have met new friends, our language is better because of this” “Like nothing else we do. Great early drama/improvisation. Lots of imagination. Inclusive and child led!” “You won’t be alone here. I’ll be your friend” “Don’t know where we’d be without this. No-ones judging, there’s lots of acceptance, feel like we’re being brought into the community.” We [...]

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A Rollicking time in Ruchill!!


Saturday 19th November 2022 We had an amazing time at our Porridge & Play Ruchill & Online celebration! It was so lovely to see all our families together in one big space and wonderful to join up with our online crew too and have so much fun together! We all started with a brilliant boogie which warmed us up ready for an afternoon adventure. As well as the Funky Chicken, we also met the Funky Unicorn, the Cheeky Cheetah and the Funky Dinosaur and many other fascinating creatures! Then, when we dressed up as forest creatures, Sean turned into a fox, Gabby became a squirrel,  Fares was a super spinning animal, Bukky was a cat  and we also had a buffalo, a bear, elephants, deer and a spiritual animal! We all looked for the Magic Ball and Gabby found it very quickly, which was marvellous, and with so many friends, we blew it up in no time at all. Very soon we found ourselves in a forest and as we moved through the trees, we spied a bear who had lost his cave, so we had to help him find it again. When we got there it was very dark, but also nice and cosy and we soon realised that the bear was hungry. Well, we wanted to make the bear happy again and luckily we figured out that Bear liked honey and [...]

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A Feast For A Funky Chicken


Saturday 5th November 2022 We had a wonderful time exploring different lands and baking a marvellous cake this week! Interestingly, apart from meeting the usual Funky Chicken, we also met a Dancing Dog, a Singing Snake and an Annoying Ant! Hope we meet them again! Then we flew up high into the sky hanging on tightly to our balloons and we spied with our telescopes a beautiful lake and a ship and on the ship there were people dancing a jig! We danced too and had great fun! We flew further and further across the globe with our second balloon and ended up hovering high above The Pyramids. Emmanuel told us that inside the Pyramids there was a house with mummified remains. It also turned out that Tutenkhamun was there! It looked like there was lots of gold! Then Andre spied, The Enchanted forest that Gabby had mentioned earlier. Gabby told us she saw Giant Magical Bunnies, so we flew down to have a look. They were indeed huge and white and soft and fluffy. They started to eat carrots and when they munched a piece of carrot, they started to shrink until they got so small we could put them on our laps and cuddle them. We really enjoyed stroking those bunnies and even when we went back to get our balloons, Gabby still had her tiny [...]

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Fantastical Forest Creatures


Saturday 29th October 2022 Today at Ruchill we found ourselves deep in the forest and met some quite fantastical creatures including a rainbow coloured bat who lived in a tree. Snakey AJ who showed us his fancy blue house with two stories which was delightful and he just happened to mention too, that he loved to eat rats! Then there was Jeffrey,  a smiley donkey who liked to eat grass and David, the Pirate Wolf who preferred rabbits as a tasty treat! Further into the forest lived Daniel, the lion who dines on  giraffes and Jamie, another wolf, who eats herbivores. Wolf Osman was just quietly munching on cookies and milk minding his own business when right  in the middle of the forest we spied Boatemaa eating some purple fruit and cookies… I wonder if she was given them by Wolf Osman, as the cookies looked just the same.  Maybe Wolf Osman’s a kind Wolf who shares his cookies! How fabulous! Just then we looked up and there, up high in a tree, was the lesser-spotted Emmanuel bird who was enjoying some worms. He was perched above Sean, the gorilla who ate human meat and Mohammed the tiger who just ate everything! The forest creatures, we discovered pretty quickly, were keen to know the time, as not one of them had a watch except the Wolves! And my, what [...]

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