Have Your Say Through Play

Have Your Say Through Play is a children’s human rights-based, fun way to support children under-twelve to explore and share their thoughts, feelings and ideas through Lickety Playcard Play.

This project was first developed with the Children & Families Network in September 2020, as a way to consult children about Covid-19 pandemic.

We have also held sessions children’s rights as part of the UNCRC (Incorporation) (Scotland) Bill consultation, for the Scottish Parliament, and on the Scottish Government’s Play Strategy review.

Project Timeline

September 2020: Experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic (pilot), with guests from Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament

November 2020: The UNCRC Incorporation (Scotland) Bill

January 2021: The Scottish Government Play Strategy

February 2021: Experiences of the Pandemic for Scottish Government (Rights & Participation).

June 2021: Exploring children’s interactions with adult professionals for Scottish Government (Family Law).

You can see what some of the children have to say about their rights below.

Children should have the right to play, children should have the right to learn

Child, 10, UNCRC Bill Consultation session

“In the Rights Cake I want to put the right to learning and maths and to learn a language.”

Child, 5, Let's Bake a Rights Cake (game)

People have a right to choose what they want to eat.

Child, 6

In the Rights Cake I want to put the right to be together!

Child, 9, Let's Bake a Rights Cake (game)

I have the right as a child to be what I want to be in future! 🙂

Child, 6, UNCRC Bill Consultation session

“When you have lots of things in your mind and no-one to talk to it builds up and you feel emotional.”

Mum, Experiences of Covid-19

“The thing that I don’t like is that when I’m doing my school work I don’t get to see my friends all I get to see is see their names written down below but I never get to talk to them.”

8 year old, Experiences of Covid-19

“I like playing with my bicycle but it’s too wet. We have been colouring and the other thing is it snowed so we had a snowball fight and made a snowman then we came inside and coloured and drawed.”

5 year old, Play Strategy Review

How does it work?

Licketyspit actor-pedagogues are skilled at improvisational imaginary play – or Storyplay. They are also socially adept facilitators with a highly developed understanding and confidence about child engagement and the art of conversation with children of all ages and backgrounds, including children with EAL and additional support needs and children who may present as being very shy.

Storyplay is rooted in the Lickety Playcard repertoire – a collection of old and new games, rhymes, songs, dancing and imaginary play activities. The games we have adapted for Have Your Say Through Play include Flying Balloons, Sent a Letter to my Love, Whats the Time Mr Wolf, Let’s Bake a Cake. We also use Reflective Drawing.

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Play: Let’s Bake a Rights Cake!

Video created by Licketyspit for the Children’s Parliament UNCRC Party Bag.


Ethnic Minority Children & Families Experiences of the Covid-19 Pandemic

for Scottish Government Children & Families Directorate. Find the full Scot Gov report “Experiences of vulnerable children, young people, and parents during the Covid-19 pandemic”, which includes our research, here.

Have Your Say ABOUT Play

for Play Scotland as part of the Play Strategy Review. Find the full 2021 Play Strategy progress review “Play in a Covid-19 Context”, which includes our research, here.