Our purpose

Licketyspit’s vision is that child-centred, inclusive theatre and drama-led play become an integral part of children’s daily lives. We believe that theatre and drama can empower children, increase their capacity to flourish and support their wellbeing.

Licketyspit has a strong record of positive, lasting engagement with families, schools and communities in areas with high levels of multiple disadvantage. Our purpose is both to unlock the imagination and confidence of children and adults alike, and to use drama-led play to foster inclusive, nurturing environments, where positive relationships can flourish.

The charity is widely recognised as a centre of excellence for child-centred theatre and drama-led play. In our work, we also aim to foster increased understanding of the potential of drama-led engagement for children, families, communities and schools, particularly in relation to closing the attainment gap, embedding children’s rights and supporting thriving, multicultural communities.

Our Storyplay Approach has been evaluated in our Storyplay Schools, where children in the greatest need have shown a 90-100% improvement in use & knowledge of language, confidence, social skills and emotional literacy and resilience. Our Storyplay Schools residencies also regularly result in 80-90% parent/carer engagement.

Our Principles

Children are at the heart of Licketyspit and at the centre of our approach to engaging with them is our deep-seated belief in their brilliance. The brains of early years children are developing faster than any other humans’. And they are fiercely engaged in learning about the world. Early Years children have a strong moral compass and ability to identify what’s important. And what is important to them is important to all of us, all our lives – love, friendship, fairness, kindness, joy, adventure, discovery…. Early years children are among the most generous, exhilarating and imaginative humans on the planet!

Fundamental principles of the Licketyspit approach are:

– We are not children.
– We never underestimate children.
– Everyone is creative.
– Theatre is simply collective play.
– The story is just the beginning.

As adult artists and professionals, we recognise that we are not children and therefore we take a respectful approach to working with and for children.

Children deserve full recognition of their rights, as set out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Licketyspit’s work particularly helps promotes a child’s right to play and rest, as well their right to give their opinion and for adults to take them seriously. To Learn more about the Rights of the Child click here.

What Children & Families Say

What our Actor-Pedagogues Say