Molly Whuppie

A play about courage and justice.

Molly Whuppie is a bold wee girl who lives happily by the seashore below the great mountain.

A great winter descends and there is nothing to eat. Molly Whuppie spies the golden towers of a fine castle high above the treetops. One night she bravely tiptoes out of the house and up the mountain to find the King to ask for food for the Winter Feast.

I stepped onto the Bridge!

Little does she know that to reach the King she must cross ‘The Bridge of One Hair’ or that deep in the forest there is… a Giant!

So begins a great adventure where Molly finds that nothing is what it seems and that she is braver and cleverer than she ever imagined.  

Based on a traditional Scottish tale, Licketyspit’s Molly Whuppie is  is suitable for everyone aged 3 years old and up, including children with additional needs and English as an additional language. The production underscored by live harp and fiddle from two of Scotland’s finest musicians.

This show has the wit and vigour to entrance all ages…a classic piece of children’s theatreThe Herald *****

“Molly Whuppie gives the audience the time of their lives!” The Scotsman *****

Staging requirements & show particulars

Molly Whuppie is a 4-hander (2 actors, 2 musicians) with live fiddle and harp. It requires a performance space of 7m/7m with some flexibility.

Molly Whuppie was first adapted by Virginia Radcliffe in 2001 and has been seen by over 33,000 people all over Scotland. It has played as the Christmas show twice at The Traverse, The Byre St Andrews and Greater Easterhouse Arts and toured extensively from distant Highland village halls to inner city Glasgow housing schemes. The last production was in 2016.

The LicketyTale of Molly Whuppie (a cut-down storytelling version of the play for one actor with one musician) has also toured to Sweden, Ireland and Mexico.

There is also an illustrated children’s book of Molly Whuppie, as well as an audio-book of the play, both available from our online shop.

To book a tour

Licketyspit has 7 touring shows in its repertoire.
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