Babbity Beans

Mothersong Pilot

In 2018, Licketyspit was commissioned by Glasgow City Council to research and develop a singing resource and training approach for workers in baby rooms, inspired by Friedrich Froebel’s ‘Mother Songs’.

Licketyspit’s Artistic Director & CEO Virginia Radcliffe and Licketyspit Associate Artist, Clarsach player and vocalist Mary Macmaster, researched and created a new repertoire of songs and singing games for babies.

In June 2019, they delivered a series of CPD research sessions with 5 staff from 3 Glasgow nurseries, followed by on-site visits to their nurseries to test the material and approach.

The project is ready to go to the next stage with the potential for the creation of a book, CD and CPD programme which can be rolled out across Glasgow Early Years settings.

I hope to get new ideas and continue to grow in confidence

Nursery Teacher, Babbity Beans

I would like to get more variety of songs to sing to the children and to become more confident & learn actions to songs

Nursery Teacher, Babbity Beans

Willing to learn anything

Nursery Teacher, Babbity Beans

I hope to gain experience and different ways of delivering music

Nursery Teacher, Babbity Beans

Here’s a lovely Ducky Sitting on a hill

Along came a naughty fox

And said I’ll have my fill!

Oh it’s true, yes it’s true

I would never tell a lie!

The dogs are riding bicycles

And all the cats can fly!