“ They absolutely loved it, they were totally all engaged. I saw a different side of a few of them as well, J was excelling in it.”

Teacher, Ibrox Primary School
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Storyplay Ibrox

Welcome to Storyplay at Ibrox!

This term Ibrox Primary & Nursery are working with Licketyspit on Storyplay. Storyplay is about everyone in the school community sharing stories, games, rhymes, songs and imaginary play activities. This is inclusive play which develops children’s confidence, social skills and literacy, as well as developing friendships and creativity.

We will be updating this page to share what’s happening in the Ibrox Storyplay sessions throughout the project.

Please join our Children & Families Network – by clicking Register Now on the top right of the website, or by handing your form back into the school – to receive play ideas and hear about family events and opportunities in Glasgow.

The wonderful thing about having children is that we have a reason to play and play is great for all of us, whatever our age! Children can share their Storyplay experiences with the whole family! We would love to hear from you if your children have taught you to play our games. Please also tell your children any games you used to play so they can share them at school.

There will be a Storyplay Art & Story Exhibition and Celebration Assembly later this term.
We are very much looking forward to meeting you and your children. You will see our team –
Ruby, Taz, Virginia and Effie – around the school in our stripy tops. Do come and say hello!

You can find out more about Licketyspit via this website and our social media.

What have we been doing?

Week 1 – 4th February 2019

P2, P5 and P3 came for their first Storyplay sessions! Here is a taster of what we did…

Teacher Feedback

‘I thought it was fantastic, the children thoroughly enjoyed it. They were all engaged and even the ones that I’d identified that maybe wouldn’t engage as much I think they did engage after about 5 or 10 minutes I think they were joining in. All focused, all loving it. They even said to me on the way down the stairs ‘can we get that again?’ which, you hardly get better feedback than that.’

Introduction letter to Ibrox Families (in Arabic, Urdu and English).

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برنامج ألعاب القصص في مدرسة إيبروكس الإبتدائية 2019

IBROX ابتدائی 2019 میں STORYPLAY پیارے خاندان

Storyplay Introduction Ibrox Families

Expert Opinion

The work of Licketyspit is of a depth and calibre, which is rarely found. The more parents and practitioners understand and act on the work of Licketyspit, the more young children will be given educational experiences which will serve them well for the rest of their lives.Professor Tina Bruce CBE Early Childhood Education author & Licketyspit Patron & Froebel expert.

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