Hello, and welcome to the
Lickety Activity Films series!

In our imaginations, we can go anywhere, be anyone and do anything… so being stuck at home wasn’t going to stop us from having some fantastic new experiences! 

Beginning as a response to the lockdown, our Lickety Activity Films are a weekly series in which three talented Licketyspit actor-pedagogues – Taz, Jack and Iona – each guide you through a special activity, or on a special adventure. With each and every video, you and your family can join in at home – and use it as an inspiration to guide your own adventures for the rest of the week.

Every Friday, Taz dons her apron and gets cooking! Whether it’s wholesome lentil soup or zingy lemonade, every recipe will be suitable for children to help with, simple to follow, and require few ingredients. It’s a great way for children to become more interested in food, cooking and nutrition, as well as a fun activity to do as a family.

Every Saturday, Jack takes out his Magic Map and goes exploring, travelling across the world to new and exciting places. From Paris to the Bolivian rainforest, it’s amazing what you can experience without leaving your front room! All you need is your own Magic Map and your imagination – and afterwards, perhaps a journal to write about or draw all the incredible things you’ve seen.

Every Sunday, Iona shows us just how much fun we can have making at home. Each week, she picks an easy arts and crafts activity that can be done using easy-to-find things from around your house, such as socks, and a few other things such as crayons or paper. When we unlock our imaginations and think creatively, just think what other household objects we could transform into something entirely new!

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