Hello, and welcome to Exploring with Zainab!

One of our Lickety Champions and member of our Children & Families Network, Zainab has been creating fantastic Lickety Play and Exploring videos ever since she joined the Porridge & Play Online.

In her exploring videos, Zainab uses her Lickety Tablet to create three fascinating adventures to Nigeria, Tanzania and Djibouti! These immersive virtual tours are full of beautiful landscapes, awesome animals and interesting facts. Watch out for the huge African elephant towering above her in the first video!

Inspired by our #ExploringwithJack​ series, we’re thrilled that Zainab has shared her creation and imagination with us – enjoy!

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Exploring Nigeria with Zainab!

Episode #1

Visit Zuma rock, Lagos’s Tarkwa Bay, the Yankari Nature Reserve…and watch out for that African Elephant!!

Grab your Magic Map and join your wonderful guide – Lickety Leader Zainab!

Exploring Tanzania with Zainab!

Episode #2

Zainab is BACK and this time she’s taking you to TANZANIA!

Enjoy traditional dance & music in the state of Zanzibar 💃 watch out for that leopard 🐆 and other big cats in the Ngorogoro national park! What other animals can you spot? But first stop, it’s Mount Kilimanjaro! 🌋

Exploring Djibouti with Zainab!

Episode #3

This time, Lickety Champion and member of our Children & Families Network, Zainab is back with this inventive, creative and fascinating video exploring Djibouti, the third smallest country in Africa.

Look out for…

🦈 Whale Sharks
💧Lac’Assal – Crater Lake!
🏝️ Moucha Island
Many thanks to Zainab for another fantastic video! #OverToYou

These videos are just the beginning of your own adventures… Now you’ve been inspired, what else can you do with your newfound knowledge? 

🗒️ Make your own Explorer’s Journal

It’s easy! All you need is a notebook and a pen, to write with… or maybe a pencil, to draw with… or maybe some nice bright crayons to make a colourful drawing of what you saw on your travels. It really depends on what you like to do best!  

🌐 Research the topics on the internet

Now you’ve been all the way to the Bolivian Rainforest, why not look it up on the internet and see what else you can find out about it? Which other animals live there? Write them down in your Journal so you don’t forget! What about deforestation – can you type that in, and see what comes up? What sort of images do you see? Can you draw them yourself? Or maybe you could print the pictures and make a collage, to tell your family about it?

🗺️ Go on your own adventure 

Now you’ve got your Magic Map – why not use it to go somewhere really exciting?! You know what to do. Stand in the middle of your bedroom, take out your map, shout 3… 2… 1… and you’ll be off! Let me know where you end up!

Jack’s Journal!

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Do you want to explore more about the topics you’ve seen in these videos? Maybe you’d like to do a project on them, or look them up on the internet yourself and find out even more. Visit Jack’s page to find a list of useful websites for intrepid explorers!