Licketyspit Children & Families Network

Join the Licketyspit conversation through Facebook & Twitter and share games and play ideas with everyone on the Children & Families Network.

Are you still playing the Lickety Playcard games? Have you been anywhere exciting lately in your Balloons? Or created any new Grannies for Monsters’ Footsteps? Perhaps you’d like to share a picture of The Funky Chicken. Or have you written your own version of Jelly on his Head?

We’d love to hear from you and your children if you have participated in any of Licketyspit’s work – or if you would like to! If you send us a picture, we can put it up in the Licketyspit Art Gallery!

If you work with children and families and would like to find out more about accessing a Licketyspit project or CPD training, please go to the Professionals section of our website, or contact us at or on 0741 380 0342.

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