Over To You #2: Poetry and performance!

For the next few weeks, we’re handing things over to you!

As many of you will know, after our Zoom play sessions, and at the end of our Activity Films, we always ask people to share drawingspoemsstoriesvideos and photos of their creations. Well – the response so far has been incredible! We’ve been overjoyed by the photos and videos we’ve received from children and families in our network over the past few weeks, so we’re sharing all of the imaginative, creative, funny, delicious-looking things on our channels – on our website, but also Facebook, Twitter and our e-flyer.

This week we’re celebrating all of the fantastic POEMS and PERFORMANCES we’ve been sent! The great thing about making up poems or plays is that you can make them about absolutely ANYTHING that pops in to your mind. Also, you don’t need anything other than your imagination! Of course, you might want to grab a pencil and a notepad 🖍️  🗒️   if you want to write it down, or perhaps if you have access to a camera 📹  you could make your own little film?!

What would you write about? 

This week’s highlights…

Lickety Leader Erin (7) came up with TWO inventive poems during the lockdown period. This first one is inspired by her feelings about the lockdown. Children are so articulate – they must never be underestimated, and it’s vital that we listen to what they have to say. Scroll down to read her brother Ethan’s poem!

Lickety Leader Erin’s poem about her relationship with Licketyspit, and the things she’s enjoyed most about the time we’ve spent together during lockdown.

“Hospitality means? Niceness!” Hospitality means? Kindness!” We were overjoyed to receive this hilarious video from Zainab, Taiwo and Ope about the Licketyspit Playcards after joining our Big Porridge & Play Online sessions! 🥰  The playcards are available from our website, and we also have a limited number of free packs that we can offer to eligible families who join us for our Big Porridge & Play online sessions. Read more here

Below, we have:

🖍️  A clever acrostic poem about Licketyspit by Emmanuel (9) and Boatemma
A written poem by Lickety Leader Ethan (5) about his experience of lockdown

If you’d like to submit yours, please email it to cfn@licketyspit.com! In the meantime, you can see ALL of the Lockdown photos so far on Facebook.

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