Storyplay Online

Licketypsit’s Storyplay sessions are fun, relaxing and imaginative!

We can’t wait to see you there!

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So what is it like?

This video shows children & families participating in Licketyspit’s online sessions in 2020 and 2021.

As you can see, doing Storyplay online helps families connect with one another and with other families. Playing like this helps us relax and feel most like ourselves.

Everyone can take part, there are no winners or losers, or wrong answers. We all delight in our individual and collective imaginations!

And the adventures we go on together stimulate real feelings of achievement, joy, self-confidence and excitement!

Just so you know…

Your Storyplay sessions will not be recorded or filmed. The images you see here are from other online Storyplay sessions. We never share anyone’s image or video without their consent and we won’t be recording the Storyplay Women’s Aid sessions.

Stories of Resilience – film about Licketyspit’s Porridge & Play Online during the pandemic.

The Lickety Playcard Guide

To help you Storyplay at home, in the park,
whenever you like!

Click to download the PDF version

Previous participants said…

‘It makes me feel good!’

‘She’s enjoying it during this difficult time. For myself, taking my stress out’

‘I never played so happy before!’

‘I never had this type of magic games before’

‘I enjoy the dancing and singing and drawing in my book. I feel very happy when am in the group with other families’

‘We play these games every day after school, even in the house, walking home from school, and then laugh. We don’t used to play like this’ 


These translations describe in-person Storyplay sessions. The essence of how we play and what we play is the same, but there may be references to elements of the in-person sessions which will not apply online.





Coming soon!

Something to try before you come!

We’ve got lots of videos of our Lickety Playcard games to try at home before your sessions start.

Watch videos of our Lickety Playcard games here

You’ll also be getting your very own pack of Playcards and a drawing pad & crayons for Reflective Drawing and the Lickety Art Gallery!

Joining the Children & Families Network

Everyone who participates in a project with us is welcome to join our Children & Families Network, which means we’ll send you Storyplay resources and activities to do at home, and invite you to any events we are doing in your area or online, which we think you might like to take part in.

That includes things like our Lickety Activity Films, a series of child centred follow-along videos we made in 2020 to help children get creative at home. All of our cooking recipes and making ideas are low cost and accessible. We encourage you to watch as a family – grown ups need to play too! – but some (especially the exploring and making videos) can be watched by children on their own.

Cooking with Taz

Exploring with Jack

Making with Iona

Watch them all here!