Wee Witches

A play about DIFFERENCE!

One windy night a child is born. Is it a girl? Is it a boy? No, it’s a witch!

Seea Brightstar lives with Vera Bird on a rooftop high above the city. Seea Brightstar is a witch – but what sort of witch is she? And where are the wonderful witches of Glasburgh? Wee Witches is a funny and powerful tale about witches, about people and about a bad, bad king.

A gregarious music-hall show with the value of women, love and cultural diversity at its heart.

“Wee Witches holds the pre-school child for over an hour with its parade of sad and merry witches, catchy songs, lively dance and, more precariously, plain narrative… With a vivacity of performance that matches the inventiveness and wit of the storytelling and a hint of a moral.” The Herald

“…Slapstick, banter, puppetry, singing and sound effects all contribute to a richness that is a big bubbling cauldron of delight.” The LIST

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