Storyplay for the Planet

Our East Centre Ward Residency

Storyplay for the Planet is a series of Storyplay & Have Your Say Through Play sessions for families with 3-12 year olds in Glasgow’s East Centre Ward (Cranhill, Riddle, Carntyne, Springboig & Barlanark)

Licketyspit is delivering sessions in schools, nurseries and online for communities across the ward to support confidence, parental engagement, relationships and children’s rights.

The school groups will receive an introductory Storyplay session, followed by a Have your Say Through Play session to support the children to express their thoughts, feelings & ideas about Climate Change using imaginary play.

These sessions will be a chance for families to explore the issue of climate change and share their feelings about it creatively, elevating children’s voices and demonstrating the power of imagination to find solutions to the greatest collective challenge of our time!

To enquire about a session for your school/nursery contact

The project is part of the Glasgow Life Artist in Residency Programme.

There are also some online Storyplay for the Planet sessions supported by Bloomberg to feed into the Create4Glasgow campaign. More on that project here.

To sign up for an online session contact

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November 25th, 2021|0 Comments

Welcome to the Storyplay For The Planet blog, where we share the stories of all the adventures we've had! Get in touch to find out how to join. We met together [...]

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