Storyplay For The Planet on Zoom!!

East Centre Ward Residency

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We met together on the 19th of November on zoom to have your say through play about our planet!

We hosted a Storyplay session on zoom to talk all about our planet with some new and old friends! It was so much fun getting to learn and explore together. We got to become experts are recycling and looking after our planet was well as learning about lots of different animals!

We saw a shark 🦈 and a wobbly fish 🐠 and some bees 🐝!

All of these animals are super important for our environment, each having their own unique role to play! We talked about how we could save them and make sure their world was nice and clean!

How could we look after our planet?

♻️ ‘ We could maybe use less plastic,’ – Miracle

♻️ ‘We could stop making lots of smoke,’ – Praise

♻️ ‘ We should plant more trees,’ – Ameerah

♻️ ‘We can recycle,’ – Muhammad

We talked about COP26 and how it came to Glasgow. The children were very excited to share all they had learned about plastics in our waters and how we can all work together to stop pollution on our Scottish shores.

Flying Balloons

We went on an adventure in our Flying Balloons. Flying across the sky over Glasgow, our eyes were drawn to a pirate ship on the River Clyde. We flew down to have a look and Recycling Expert Adeelah realised they were clearing the river of rubbish! 

We decided to help them so we landed on the boat, put on our snorkels, and dived in further to have a look around. That is when we discovered a sunken ship with a giant ink spill that we were a little worried about. Rainbow Expert Muhammed also noticed a treasure chest guarded by a shark and a person who needed our help as they were drowning. We helped them to the surface and left the medical care to our Expert Doctor Ameerah, and then decided to go back underwater to pick up the treasure and try to solve the ink spill. 

First, we needed to find a way to get past the shark – the Animal Experts Miracle and Praise came up with the idea of distracting the shark by reflecting light with some sea-softened glass that we found. This gave us the time to grab the treasure and come up to the surface where we could open it. Inside the chest was some very valuable treasure – equipment to clean the river! Together we sucked up the ink using the giant pipe.

There was a lot of teamwork and we could not have done it without each other. The world is indeed our treasure and something we should all look after!

Our Stories

‘ In our school we were doing competitions and poster for the environment and we had a meeting kind of like the one we did it Glasgow and people were telling what we learned about COP26 in school. One of the people was telling what happened there and when they came back to the class they told us all what the people in the meeting said.’


‘It’s a school of fishes in the sea I sawed them when we were flying away!’


‘This is my favourite part. This is when we used the glass to distract the shark. She is going to get the chest! That’s seaweed and that’s the fish,’


‘I drew a boat and a bee and these are the plastic bottles under neath the sea. I saw a bee too and I think the bee is distracting the boat.’


‘ I drawed this. It is a fish.’


Talking all about our adventures!

‘My favourite part of my drawing is the part the bit where we used the glass to distract the shark. And those are us and this is the glass to distract the shark. And that’s the shark, and some treasure and the fish. I’m not done with it but I tried!’


‘It was stormy and cold! Orange, black and green green so in the fire!’


‘ This is my drawing this is a shark and it tried to run inside a cave and it tried to get me. But, it can’t get into the cave because I’m really small so it can’t get in and my favourite part of the session is when we distracted the shark!’

Temi, Fikayo & Tiwani

‘This is mine and it’s the shark and this is me but I didn’t know the shark was coming and this a mirror and then I knew the shark was coming and it separated them and I feel excited!’

Temi, Fikayo & Tiwani

‘So I’ve got a picture of me wearing a fish costume breaking to be a fish to the shark and Muhammad is pretending to be asleep to get the treasure. My favourite thing today was probably when we got to dress up. I was the expert of recycling!’


‘I drawed that I was distracting the shark by giving him a fish and Adeelah was sneaking to get the treasure but this is the shark!’


Once we’d come up with our ideas, we started drawing!

After we had all our adventures we all came together to do some reflective drawing. This gave us time to sit and chat and discuss all the amazing adventures we had been on! We got to hear all about the animals we had seen and all the pollution we want to tackle! From saving the bees and making sure there is no plastics in our ocean to sharks and finding buried treasure we sure had a whale of a time!

What an amazing play session we had! Thank you to the children and grown ups who came to play with us!

The Lickety Gallery!

Where we share our reflective drawings about our Storyplay adventure.

Storyplay For The Planet

A series of Storyplay & Have Your Say Through Play sessions for families with 3-12 year olds in East Centre Ward.

Licketyspit will deliver sessions in schools, nurseries and online for communities across the East Centre Ward to support confidence, parental engagement, relationships and children’s rights.

The school groups will receive an introductory Storyplay session, followed by a Have your Say Through Play session to support the children to express their thoughts, feelings & ideas about Climate Change using imaginary play.

These sessions will be a chance for families to explore the issue of climate change and share their feelings about it creatively, elevating children’s voices and demonstrating the power of imagination to find solutions to the greatest collective challenge of our time!