Quangle Wangle

A play about nonsense… and friendship.

An exhilarating, musical excursion into three of Edward Lear’s poems: The Quangle Wangle’s Hat, The Jumblies and The Dong with the Luminous Nose.

Stella and Stan open a book and find the Quangle Wangle sitting alone in his Crumpety Tree, when a procession of strange visitors arrive and change his life forever…the Golden Grouse, the Orient Calf, Mr & Mrs Canary.

They tumble headlong into the amazing world of Edward Lear and they sail to the land where the Jumblies live, to dance by the light of the Mulberry Moon.

“Putting flesh, paint and performance on the sublime silliness of Lear’s nonsense poems is not so much a challenge as an act of creative defiance.  Lindow’s design cleverly leaves room for children’s wonder and imagination.  Music teachers will warm to the way Brinkhurst can slowly turn a simple song into an unobtrusive lesson in harmony, counterpoint, tempo and rhythm.” Times Educational Supplement

Staging requirements & show particulars

Quangle Wangle is a 2-hander and requires a performance space of 7m/7m with some flexibility.

It has previously been performed in schools and theatres around Scotland. The Christmas Quangle Wangle, a seasonal adaptation, has played at the Traverse Theatre and North Edinburgh Arts Centre.

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