Lickety Playcards

Licketyspit drama-led play sessions are based around the effective and popular Licketyspit Playcard Repertoire. There are 32 cards in total, but many of our sessions are based on the key 16 cards, which many participants receive in a pack. These colourfully illustrated A5 cards contain a carefully selected, tried and tested collection of new, adapted & traditional:

The Playcard games build confidence and give children agency in large, inclusive communities of families.

Virginia, Artistic Director

The Storyplay Playcard ‘games’ are like ‘turns’ at a ceilidh, social currency, a tool-kit for play, imagination and relationship building.

Virginia, Artistic Director

The cards are a basis for increasingly ‘free’ imaginary play and can be used as  a springboard into creative writing, drawing, group story, song and poem-making and performance creation.

Virginia, Artistic Director
  • Games

  • Rhymes

  • Songs

  • Dressing-up

  • Street play

  • Imaginary play activities

  • Blanket play

  • Reflective drawing

  • Story, song and rhyme creation

  • Story-writing and performance

Hear about how the Playcards empower participants: