///The Lickety Playcards

“You have to think outside the box! ”

Dad, BIG Porridge & Play Glasgow Year 3
Credit: Eoin Carey
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The Lickety Playcards

Licketyspit drama-led play sessions are based around the effective and popular Licketyspit Playcard Repertoire – 16-colourfully illustrated A5 cards
containing a carefully selected, tried and tested, new, adapted & traditional collection of:

• games
• rhymes
• songs
• imaginary play activities
• dressing-up
• blanket play
• reflective drawing
• story, song and rhyme creation
• story-making and writing
• and performance.

The Storyplay Playcard ‘games’ are like ‘turns’ at a ceilidh, social currency, a tool-kit for play, imagination and relationship building.

The cards are a basis for increasingly ‘free’ imaginary play and can be used as  a springboard into creative writing, drawing, group story, song and poem-making and performance creation.

280 children from St Mary’s RC Primary in Glasgow were given a set of Lickety Playcards as part of their Storyplay Residency. 75% of them reported teaching and playing the Playcard games during the Summer holidays.

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