Coronavirus Lockdown Family Resources

The Coronavirus Lockdown is a difficult and stressful time for everyone. Licketyspit are doing everything we can to support families in our Children & Families Network and beyond to use our rich imaginations, creativity and empathy to get through this time.

Having time with your family can be great, although we all need time alone too.

Some of us have work or school work to do at home, but as many of the schools are reminding us, the most important thing is to look after our mental wellbeing and each other.

Playing is a brilliant way to relax and feel like ourselves again. And remember, in our imaginations we can be anyone, do anything, go anywhere!

We may all be stuck inside, but we can still see each other and chat online. We’re even doing some online play sessions!

You can find reminders of some of the Lickety Playcard games and songs on videos.

Most importantly, Licketyspit wants to support you, so please tell us what you would like. More stories, songs, live sessions, craft ideas, recipes? Our survey can also be found below.

We know not everyone can get online as easily as they would like to so we are campaigning and working with other organisations to try and change this. Everyone has the right to equal digital access and it is more important than ever that we can all get online. But remember, this is the inspiration, then there’s loads we can do together and on our own, offline too. Reading, writing, making, dancing, singing, drawing, and especially, PLAYING!

Lickety Children’s Guide to the Coronavirus

We’ve made some videos to help explain the Coronavirus Lockdown situation to children. They include lots of fun ideas and demonstrations of ways to play at home too!

Guide 2: Lockdown

Children’s Voices

Erin’s Lockdown Poem

Lickety Leader Erin (7) sent us this poem, inspired by the lockdown. With all the discussion between adults about schools opening, it’s been important that we hear the voices of children too!

Zainab, Taiwe and Ope explain what ‘hospitality’ means to them

Our Lickety Playcards are a selection of colourfully illustrated A5 cards containing a carefully-selected, tried-and-tested collection of games, rhymes, songs and imaginary play activities. They’re also brilliant for acting as a springboard for all sorts of other creative things – drawing, writing, group stories, songs, and, as Zainab (15), Taiwo (12) and Ope (9) have demonstrated, making up new performances! Thank you! 👏 👏. 👏

Over to You!

Creations made by Children & Families inspired by the Lickety Activity Films!

Over to You!

Licketyspit Digital Survey

At Licketyspit we know not everyone has equal access to digital devices like laptops, iPads and smartphones, and not everyone has the same access to Wifi or data at home.

This is more important than ever as so much more is happening online as we can’t go out at the moment. We’ve been making some videos, trying out live online play sessions, releasing audio stories, and we want to know what you like the most, how you use the internet and what platforms you would prefer to use to engage with the Children & Families Network & Licketyspit online activities.

CLICK HERE to answer the survey. Thank you VERY MUCH for answering these questions!

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