Quangle Wangle

A play about NONSENSE!

A musical adventure into the wild and wonderful world of Edward Lear’s nonsense poems.

Stella and Stan open a book and find the Quangle Wangle sitting sad and alone in his Crumpetty Tree, when an amazing procession of strange visitors arrive and change his life forever – the Golden Grouse, the Orient Calf from the Land of Tute, the Pobble who has no Toes and Mr and Mrs Canary!

Stella and Stan tumble headlong into the amazing world of Edward Lear to sail to the land where the Jumblies live, so brave they went to sea in a sieve and dance by the light of the Mulberry Moon!

“This play for the very young takes all the best absurdist elements of children’s fictions, captures the audiences fiery imaginations and having kindled them with a handful of limericks, ignites them with a pyrotechnic telling of four of Lear’s poems.” The Stage

“Putting flesh, paint and performance on the sublime silliness of Lear’s nonsense poems is not so much a challenge as an act of creative defiance.  Lindow’s design cleverly leaves room for children’s wonder and imagination.  Music teachers will warm to the way Brinkhurst can slowly turn a simple song into an unobtrusive lesson in harmony, counterpoint, tempo and rhythm.” Times Educational Supplement