“Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn and play with my child. It has been a magical experience. I love the staff too.”

Mum, Big Porridge & Play
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BIG Porridge & Play

BIG PORRIDGE & PLAY GLASGOW is a unique three year project (2017-19), for families in Ruchill, Whiteinch, and the Gorbals with children under 12 and their families. BIG Porridge & Play takes place for 7-week blocks in April-June.

What is Porridge & Play? 

Porridge & Play was developed in response to parents and carers in north Glasgow whose children participated in LicketyLeap. They were astonished and delighted at their children’s confidence and creativity. They asked us, ‘how can we do more of this?!’

Porridge & Play was our response.

Porridge & Play is based on the Licketyspit repertoire of 38 games, rhymes, songs, traditional streetplay and imaginary play. It is designed for children and adults, to encourage continuing intergenerational play.

Each Porridge & Play session begins with a group meal including lots of delicious fruit, porridge for breakfast or homemade soup for lunch. Licketyspit actor-pedagogues then lead a fun and relaxed play session full of fantastic games, songs and imaginary play. The sessions are carefully crafted to develop children’s creativity, social skills, confidence and relationships. We regularly consult children and their adults about how we can improve and develop the sessions.

The games are illustrated in the Lickety Playcards, a set of 32 cards with song words, game instructions and colourful illustrations.

BIG Porridge & Play Glasgow brings families together in their local community centre for an 7-week block of Porridge & Play culminating in a Celebration Sharing Event.

We had a fantastic time delivering the first two years of BIG Porridge & Play Glasgow with wonderful families. Please stay in touch, send us a picture to put in the Licketyspit Art Gallery, or see what activities you can do in Come & Play!

You can email us at info@licketyspit.com or Tweet us at @LicketyTweet. Follow us on facebook and twitter to see photos of Big Porridge & Play Glasgow and get our latest news.

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The Gorbals

Full project continues weekly until mid-June. Spaces will be allocated following first session.

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