An Out of This World Variety Show

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Saturday 11th March 2023

Fabulous Producer and her partner in show Top Hat Producer were in need of some fresh, innovative, entertaining and inspiring acts for their Variety Show. Everyone knows that what makes a Variety Show really, really good is to have various different acts that can entertain and make audiences happy and that can show to the world the hilarity and ingenuity of the different artists!.

‘But Our Variety Show is getting tired and old. We haven’t had new acts for quite some time now, partner.’

‘We need new talent!’

‘Well, have you heard of the Licketyspit Saturday Pals? I hear very good things! They seem to be a very creative and playful bunch…. Let’s put a call out for Variety Acts to them!’

The Licketyspit Saturday pals did not disappoint and attended the Call Out in droves!

The most exquisite costumes were created for the occasion and some brilliant acts were waiting to burst out and amaze the Theatre Producers…

‘Welcome y’all! It is fabulous to be here and hopefully it will also be fabulous to see and like your acts because…we really need some fresh material!’

‘Thanks for coming. Now…let’s begin. First up is…Muizza Madame Singer, please!’

‘Hello, I’m Madame Singer and I sing and dance. I sing Lullaby songs’.

‘I dance to Beat Box music,’ Fire The Dancer immediately started dropping a beat and jumping around!

Pemi The Magician Of Magic managed to make a toy turn into an animal and Aliya The Footballer performed impossible football tricks!

Esther, Goodness & Glory Rock Stars had formed a fantastic music band with guitar, percussion and singing.

Ameen The Puppeteer performed a scene with his sock puppets and his partner Amir The Fortune Teller told the Theatre Producers they had a bright future ahead of them.

’We are gonna be STARS’ whispered Fabulous Producer to Top Hat Producer.

Victoria The Musical Kid played her latest song on her guitar and Fikayo The Singing Grandma sang accompanied by Temi The Viola Playing Grandpa.

Muhammed The Mind Reader guessed that Top Hat Producer was precisely thinking ‘pinneaple’ and Fabulous Producer was precisely thinking ‘chocolate’. And his Amazing Assistant Adeelah who can juggle while balancing an octopus on her head did precisely that! She juggled oranges while balancing a huge octopus on her head!

Fabulous & Top Hat were speechless. But only for like 5 seconds.

‘Y’all are AMAZING but there’s a final test we have to put to you.’

The best ever round of In The Way Of The Word ensued!

The Licketyspit Saturday Pals are such experts at play that this became the most hilarious game ever showcasing phenomenal miming skills and solid guessing qualities!

‘You are all HIRED! We are going to tour the most amazing Variety Show the world has ever seen!’

Top Hat & Fabulous were happy as Larry and the Licketyspit Saturday Pals did once more have a brilliant Saturday morning improvising and imagining.

By Taz, Andre, Sarah & the Saturday Pals

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