Wee Witches make big red dragons from 4 brains!


Welcome to the Big Porridge & Play Online blog where we share our stories and adventures! Saturday 28th October We had many Halloween treats for our last Porridge & Play Online session to enjoy with our friends! A fabulously monstrous Dance Warm-up, the Spooky Funky Chicken, a creepy Mucky Brew and we did Bookplay with Wee Witches, a play written by our very own Virginia! Wee Witches are funny, Wee Witches are silly, They wear woolly vests when it gets a bit chilly, They can zip like a firework across the night sky, They nip round the world in the blink of an eye, Wee Witches are wonderful wild and free, But sometimes they just like a quiet cup of tea…….. Virginia’s story Wee Witches is perfect for Bookplay as it’s packed with fantastic characters, songs, poems and of course plenty of magical action to play with! So Sarah read a poem from it that inspired us all to dress up and create our very own Witch… Jayden was Witch Hogy Fart ‘I like to make ice cream that looks bad on the outside but inside is super-tasty! I’m from Wizardland’. Nusaibah & Nabilah were The Mushroom Witches Twins ‘We live in Mushroom World, we dance and play but we don’t like children because they want to eat us! We live in a deep dark [...]

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Online Bookplay week!


Welcome to the Big Porridge & Play Online blog where we share our stories and adventures! Saturday 21st October Sometimes when you are reading a good story you almost feel like you are in it… And sometimes, if you feel like it, you can ACTUALLY BE IN THE STORY… BOOKPLAY does exactly that… Choose a story, read it with all your pals and then simply jump INTO the story with your imagination…   This Saturday we did BOOKPLAY with two of our past Magic Ball adventures!   (For anyone who doesn’t know, Magic Ball is the Licketyspit game where we climb inside our Magic Ball to go somewhere unexpected and unexpected and often amazing things happen ! Afterwards we always write about what happened to put in our Blog!) So we today we had a good read of two of our past Magic Ball adventures and then... WHOOOOOOOOSH!!!! We landed at the very, very long beach of our first story!! The sea was so far away! We ran and ran  and ran but we didn’t seem to get any closer to the shore… Luckily Victoria spotted a shortcut - ‘This way!’ she called. Finally we reached the shore where Pemi used his wand to create boats for us all so we could row ourselves out to sea! ‘Rowing is a thirsty game!’ [...]

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Adventures in the magic ball meeting aliens, fairies and lots of groovey dancing!


Welcome to the Big Porridge & Play Online blog where we share our stories and adventures! Saturday 14th October 2023 Magic Ball, Magic Ball take us where we want to go! Floating in space jumping and cooing with our pal the Alien! Her friend the Fairy also taught us how to play grooving and dancing, floating in space. When we got tired we flew to Alienland and met a Wee Creature that was feeling sad. Up in a castle, somewhere locked up, the Wee Creature’s family had been kidnapped by an Evil Witch who wasn’t that bad: ‘She feels really lonely and this is why she took Wee Creature’s family cause she wanted some pals!’ We’ll be your friends! We’ll play with you! We’ll teach you to make a potion or two! ‘The toe of a shrew Two potatoes with funny faces on An egg…  CRACK! Stir it up! Stir it up! Some friendship and love. And some rotted fish Unicorns and cup cakes put it all in! Stir it up! Stir it up! Stir it up!’ The Witch loved the potion, set the family free, celebrated with doughnuts filled with love and glee!                             Sarah, Andre, Emma, Taz & the Saturday pals Some of our drawings from Week 2......  ‘Me [...]

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Welcome back to Big Porridge and Play Glasgow online!


Welcome to the Big Porridge & Play Online blog where we share our stories and adventures! Welcome back to Porridge & Play Online! We love these sessions because even though we are all at home we still can play together on the Zoom! Everyone was happy, smiling, full of energy and very glad to see each other again after the Summer and ready to use our imaginations to have a great time together! We kicked our play off with a groovy dance to celebrate each other and Andre led us all through our warmup rhyme Big As A Bear…have you noticed that Big As A Bear is really a short story? Stories are all around us to entertain us, teach us and show us all sorts of fascinating things. If you have a wee think about it right now I bet you know many great stories! Maybe someone told you this one, maybe you made that other one up, maybe you read that one in a book!. We know so many stories already and there are so many more for us to CREATE! And so on our first Saturday play session we baked a Stories Cake together. What are the main flavours of your story? Is it a spooky story or a story about adventures? And what about the main ingredients of your story? Is [...]

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Welcome to the Porridge & Play Online blog where we share our stories and adventures! Saturday 25h March 2023 The Saturday pals gathered for the last Storyplay Online of the Winter wearing fabulous outfits and beautiful smiles! Andre, Sarah and Taz announced that they had all been invited to a party by three rather eccentric people called RuRu, Fibi and Gigi! ‘Please dress to impress! By which we mean get your cool on and your creativity shining!’ And to the music beat off they went to rummage around the house to find all sorts of fantastic bits and bobs to create the most incredible outfits. ‘Oh my! You all look absolutely dapper!’ ‘Ever so smart’ ‘And oh so inspiring!’ The tunes were banging and the guests were admired!  ‘Now to the Catwalk! We all must share our fantastic selves with the world. Please my dear guests…strut your stuff!’ What a catwalk that was! The style, the poise, the brilliant dance moves and the POSES!  Everyone was feeling great even though some were a little shy to begin with but soon they relaxed and felt fine! And it felt really nice to take a moment to shine and a moment to appreciate others shining too!  ‘Cheers everyone! And now…the Ever Changing Present’ The Ever Changing Present Fibi gave a blue and pink dragon to Junior & [...]

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The Crooked Crew Of Pirate Poets


Welcome to the Porridge & Play Online blog where we share our stories and adventures! Saturday 18th March 2023 Captain One Eye wanted to put together a crew of captains with great skills. Many Pirate Captains got wind of this and decided to form the most crooked crew the Seven Seas had ever seen: Captain Smelly Boots is a phenomenal a cook Captain Shade carries with him an umbrella for shade at all times! Captain Miss Perfect is perfect at everything and very understanding and no one messes with her. She bosses people around. Captain Fighter fights everyone and Captain Clockerverse is the captain of silliness. Captain Everything doesn’t do anything! ‘I have everything so if someone is looking for something and can’t find it I give it to them.’ Pirate Captain One Hand helps people to locate islands Captain Rainbow shoots other pirates that don’t behave with water balloons and they go to pirate jail. Pirate Captain Lammy helps to keep everyone away from predators and Captain Penguin is the captain of all captains. The crew was complete with Captain Bossy who is a great look out! On their first adventure as the newly formed Crooked Crew they landed in a very cold place that Captain One Hand reckoned was some sort of Winter Wonderland. [...]

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An Out of This World Variety Show


Welcome to the Porridge & Play Online blog where we share our stories and adventures! Saturday 11th March 2023 Fabulous Producer and her partner in show Top Hat Producer were in need of some fresh, innovative, entertaining and inspiring acts for their Variety Show. Everyone knows that what makes a Variety Show really, really good is to have various different acts that can entertain and make audiences happy and that can show to the world the hilarity and ingenuity of the different artists!. ‘But Our Variety Show is getting tired and old. We haven’t had new acts for quite some time now, partner.' 'We need new talent!’ ‘Well, have you heard of the Licketyspit Saturday Pals? I hear very good things! They seem to be a very creative and playful bunch…. Let’s put a call out for Variety Acts to them!’ The Licketyspit Saturday pals did not disappoint and attended the Call Out in droves! The most exquisite costumes were created for the occasion and some brilliant acts were waiting to burst out and amaze the Theatre Producers… ‘Welcome y’all! It is fabulous to be here and hopefully it will also be fabulous to see and like your acts because…we really need some fresh material!’ ‘Thanks for coming. Now…let’s begin. First up is…Muizza Madame Singer, please!’ ‘Hello, I’m Madame Singer and I sing and dance. [...]

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The Incredible Shrinking Forest Animals!


Welcome to the Porridge & Play Online blog where we share our stories and adventures! Saturday 4th March 2023 Herbert The Hedgehog happily strolled through the forest. It was a cold but sunny Saturday morning and on his way he met the world famous Three Craws! - who love nothing better than to perch on a tree branch under the moonshine. The Three Craws introduced Herbert to a whole new bunch of animal pals; he met Barry The Sheep, Mr. Other Wolf and Crocodile Desire. Also Mrs.Octopus Queen of Octopus, the Queen Of Sharks & Unicorn Mermaid were there visiting!. Mr. Silly Cheetah and Mittens The Pink Cat, Banana The Lion and his Human Friend showed up too. Brian The Tiger, Snowy The Panda, Meely The Dalmatian with the big belly and Oceana The Mermaid Unicorn didn’t want to miss out on the fun! And Rich Dragon and his Bodyguard turned up even though Rich Dragon was sad cause he had lost a scale…such a gathering of fantastic creatures! ‘What’s the time Mr.Wolf? - it’s 2 o’clock - time for a bath!’ 3 o’clock- time to go to the garden to pick flowers! 4 o’clock- time to dance! 5 o’clock- time to go for a walk 7 o’clock- time for DINNER!' Mr. Wolf loves a watch! He has different ones he has collected through the [...]

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A Mucky Monsters’ Brew!!!


Welcome to the Porridge & Play Online blog where we share our stories and adventures! Messy play makes for hilarious play! Saturday 25th February We concocted a glorious Mucky Brew covering ourselves with eggshells and soil, crumbled unicorn cookies, honey, flour, a bucket of chocolate pudding, raw eggs, honey on our legs & uncooked porridge in our mouths… Beautifully sticky! Fabulously stinky! Incredibly revolting! HILARIOUSLY MESSY! And out of that fabulously stinky mess, a very messy bunch of Monsters appeared! We met One Leg Unicorn Monster & Bat Monster, Smart Monster & Scary Monster, Smelly Fly Monster, The Hattery Monster with her bag of hats, Spider Monster, Magic Monster & even Hero Monster came along. Worried Monster found a wee ball but all the other Monsters knew that was no ordinary ball but a Magic Ball and so our messy journey began! All the monsters landed in a cave that had a rather weird echo… we tried roaring and Magic Monster played with the echo by making a groovy sound that came back even groovier. A few spiders appeared and as Nest Monster was telling everyone how unsure about them she was, a much bigger spider showed up! The Monsters wanted to chase it away but they discovered the spider was upset- ‘I got many legs but I don’t know what to do with them’. [...]

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Chef Guacamole and the Birthday Pickle


Welcome to the Porridge & Play Online blog where we share our stories and adventures! ‘We could make the biggest cake in the world!’ Tuesday 21st February Chef Guacamole & side-kick Chef Octopus Jelly were in a bit of a pickle. The biggest celebration in town was about to take place on Saturday and our chef friends were quite unprepared. You see, all the children of the town share the same birthday and this special occasion definitely needs a bit of flair. ‘But the children are just SO BORED of our recipes!’ said Chef Guacamole ‘Yes! They are no longer so interested in my delicious octopus jellies …' sighed Chef Octopus Jelly ‘We could make the biggest cake in the world!’ The fabulous Storyplay Chefs came to the rescue.  ‘Oh wow! Will you help us? We could do with the help of some very creative chefs from around the world.’ Mrs Purple Chef makes purple food and Rainbow Chef makes rainbow cakes. Tiger Chef cooks chocolate and collaborates with his close friend Ketchup Chef. Chef Junior makes tomato pasta and Colourful Chef makes colourful food. Even the famous Ninja Chef came by to help! ‘Right chefs! Let’s get going!’  The Recipe       A great big egg to start chili sauce and rice and salt, a scary [...]

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