The Crooked Crew Of Pirate Poets

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Saturday 18th March 2023

Captain One Eye wanted to put together a crew of captains with great skills.

Many Pirate Captains got wind of this and decided to form the most crooked crew the Seven Seas had ever seen:

Captain Smelly Boots is a phenomenal a cook

Captain Shade carries with him an umbrella for shade at all times!

Captain Miss Perfect is perfect at everything and very understanding and no one messes with her. She bosses people around.

Captain Fighter fights everyone and Captain Clockerverse is the captain of silliness.

Captain Everything doesn’t do anything! ‘I have everything so if someone is looking for something and can’t find it I give it to them.’

Pirate Captain One Hand helps people to locate islands

Captain Rainbow shoots other pirates that don’t behave with water balloons and they go to pirate jail.

Pirate Captain Lammy helps to keep everyone away from predators and Captain Penguin is the captain of all captains.

The crew was complete with Captain Bossy who is a great look out!

On their first adventure as the newly formed Crooked Crew they landed in a very cold place that Captain One Hand reckoned was some sort of Winter Wonderland.

They were freezing, so wondered if any of the captains knew how to build a fire. Captain Everything did and he said that first you need to collect some wood. They collected some wood and Captain Rainbow announced that to light a fire you need a dragon!

To light a fire you need a dragon!

Luckily a dragon appeared but couldn’t breath any fire because it was hungry! So Captain Clockerverse and Captain Fighter suggested they fed the dragon bread. They fed and fed the dragon until it was so full it started to breath fire!

Then Captain Cheese Toastie revealed to everyone that he didn’t know how to make cheese toasties! Captain Bossy taught everyone to make the best cheese toastie in the whole wide world. The Crooked Crew were so happy with their lives that they became inspired to compose the ultimate Pirate Poem together!

Pirate Poem

Pirates love gold

but hate mould and colds,

Pirates love treasure and tea

Because it’s so yummy!

I’m Captain Smelly Boots and I like to cook the food

and when I make the soup

I always put a smelly sock in it!


Pirates are cool also very good

they love treasure

and they like to eat some food!

My name’s Captain One Eye and I sincerely love pie.

My name’s Captain Penguin and I like having no hands!

I am Captain Simmy and I like having scarves on my hat.

We like shooting people with water balloons

and some of them

will go to the Pirate Jail!

My name is Captain Bossy and I’ll boss yous all around.

My name is Captain Silly, I never thought of a flower lily.

My name is Captain Fighter and I fight while in flight!

We have one hand and another hook

then we take all the treasure

because we like to retrace it!

If we can retrace it

we can locate it!

And take all the treasure and have a big ship

impossible to measure!

By Taz, Andre, Sarah & the Saturday Pals

Storyplay City was funded by Glasgow Communities fund 2020-23

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