Green Whale

A play about adventure and the planet

Oona, Fitz and Finn McAlpine are a family down on its luck. One day they visit Leith Docks and discover a Whaling ship – The Big Betty – rigged and ready to sail.

Nin the Boatswain appears and invites them to join the crew in search of a fabled Green Whale – the greatest whale the world has ever seen! Nin tempts them with promises of untold wealth and adventure and the children decide to try their luck!

With Captain Crill, a former pirate, and Isabella the Cook, a Spanish Queen who makes everyone eat oranges, this is a story of the sea – of pirates and romance, of deep-sea adventure, of storms and sails and of ropes. A story to span the oceans…

“Blessed with a tremendous set… director Virginia Radcliffe’s up-beat, stylish production is like a curious mix of Moby Dick and David Attenborough’s unmissable, Planet Earth… As they sail the worlds oceans, inspired by Whale-hunter Nin’s obsession, the young audience is gently and cleverly involved in the journey. The excellent four strong ensemble combines character doubling, tremendous physicality, lively singing and enchanting puppetry…Green Whale is an ecologically sound tale beautifully told.” Sunday Herald

Staging requirements & show particulars

Green Whale is a 4-hander and requires a performance space of 7m/7m with some flexibility.

It has previously been performed in theatres around Scotland.

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