Touring Shows

Licketyspit has a repertoire of 7 original theatre shows that are rich with story, language, music and physical performance.

Our shows are developed for and with 3-7 year olds and play to 0-12 year olds and adults, placing early years children at the heart of an inclusive, multi-generational shared theatre experience.

All have great potential to be a catalyst for extended creative outreach and satellite events. Licketyspit has toured Scotland-wide to major theatres (e.g. Dundee Rep; Traverse Main House; Byre St Andrews) community venues, schools and village halls, usually touring to 50% schools/nurseries and 50% family audiences. They have been critically acclaimed, with all shows receiving 4 and many also 5 star reviews. They are known for their long-term impact on children’s play and culture and we have extensive feedback from children, teachers and families.

One of Licketyspit’s unique selling points is the success of our theatre shows with whole primary and nursery age children, as well as children with additional support needs and English as an additional language.

Every show is accompanied by a Teacher’s pack; Interactive programmes for every child; Books and audio-CDs (which can also be bought online in our shop!)