“I will never forget the sight of 400 children chanting “Far and Few, Far and Few are the lands where the Jumblies live’. I had been puzzled by the play but the children were completely at home with it. ”

Programme booker, Kilmarnock Palace
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This area of the website is a place for discussion about early years children, particularly in relation to the arts, and especially in relation to theatre and drama. In Sharing Practice, you can find out about how Licketyspit’s work supports EAL, ASN, Emotional Literacy, ACES and other aspects of child development and children’s rights. You can also find information about our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions for children and families professionals; new work we are developing with our associate artists; and our evaluation findings.
We call this aspect of our work Licketylab.

Licketyspit is committed to joined-up thinking and exploring new ways in which the widest possible range of children’s services can collaborate in achieving our shared goals. We also carry out extensive evaluation and discussion of our evolving practice and the theory behind Licketyspit’s work.

You’ll also find information and impact assessment of all of our projects in schools and communities, as well as details of our shows.

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