“I will never forget the sight of 400 children chanting “Far and Few, Far and Few are the lands where the Jumblies live’. I had been puzzled by the play but the children were completely at home with it. ”

Programme booker, Kilmarnock Palace
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This is where we share our learning about our work as Scotland’s national early years theatre and drama-led play specialists and seek to connect with other professionals.

The key to Licketyspit’s work is our participatory engagement with children under twelve through drama-led play, which has grown from our developmental work with 3-7 year olds over the last 20 years. Our work is built on the synergy between actors and children as play experts. Our instrumental projects are delivered by skilled actor-pedagogues who make it easy and fun for anyone to play almost anywhere, unlock their imaginations and become their fullest selves. Our approach is underpinned by children’s rights, a commitment to equality and a belief that everyone is creative!

In Sharing Practice, you can find out about how our work supports EAL, Additional Support Needs, Emotional Literacy, ACES and other aspects of child development and children’s rights. You can also find information about Licketyspit Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions for children and families’ professionals; new work in development; and our evaluation findings. We call this aspect of our work Licketylab.

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Licketyspit creates and tours original children’s theatre for 0-12’s within a multi-stranded output of drama-led play projects that involve story-making, writing and telling; music; songs; rhymes; playground play; poetry; drawing; dance and performance. We lead intergenerational child-centred play in schools, arts and community settings. We have particular expertise at creative engagement with 3-7’s, children with additional support needs and with english as an additional language.

“Utterly child centred theatre. The whole school from nursery to P7 were transfixed!” Senior Teacher, Edinburgh, Heelie-go-Leerie 2008

We work in early years; primary, nursery education and special needs settings; in theatres, primary, nursery, special schools, community centres, galleries, parks and museums. We sustain child/family engagement through our Children & Families Network. We deliver CPD to teachers and child-care professionals in the use of drama-led play and creativity who can become Lickety-Play-Champions.

This is a place for engagement by any children’s professionals but will be particularly relevant to early years professionals; primary and nursery teachers; children and families professionals; arts practitioners and organisations.

“The actors were very enthusiastic and brought out a lot of the children’s imagination during the session. Children enjoyed it and would be very beneficial to children, parents and staff if it was a regular part of the curriculum.” Nursery Teacher, Glasgow, LicketyLeap Dramatika Pilot 2015

Licketyspit is committed to joined-up thinking and collaboration and to developing wider understanding about how theatre-arts – or what we call ‘Storyplay’- can foster a story-rich, inclusive, child-centred culture where every child feels valued, included and has agency to give voice to their thoughts feelings and ideas. We think fantastic group play should be part of everyday for every child. And that the wonderful thing about having or working with a child is the opportunity it presents for adults to re-connect with our own playfulness – which is great for us and crucial for our children. Licketyspit wants to empower children and to show them how to open doors to imaginary play worlds that we believe can unlock their limitless possibilities.

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