Children and families

It was lovely to hear him laugh. It was as if you’d written it just for him!”

Carer of teenager with severe autism. The Christmas Quangle Wangle, Traverse Theatre, 2004



This area of the website is a place for discussion about early years children, particularly in relation to the arts, and especially in relation to theatre and drama.

We are committed to extensive evaluation and discussion of our evolving practice and the theory behind Licketyspit’s work. We call this the LicketyKitchen!

LicketyKitchen means:

- the development of new theatre and drama-led work with our associate artists

- continuing professional development (CPD) sessions for children and family professionals

- constant evaluation of our work and sharing our learning among practitioners and policymakers

So what do we think?

Licketyspit is committed to joined-up thinking and exploring new ways that the widest possible range of children’s services can collaborate in achieving our shared goals.

Licketyspit wants to fire children’s imaginations. We can see that theatre is a fantastic tool to do this. But more than this, an experience of theatre can give an early years child a great store of material, a multi-layered experience they can go on playing with, explore, share, re-invent and learn through. All children’s theatre reflects the artists behind it and their response to children. Licketyspit wants to inspire children in all aspects of our work – which is highly physical, visual and musical. Most particularly we want to inspire children with language. Learning to communicate with words empowers children and connects them with society. You cannot really accumulate knowledge and learn until you have a vocabulary. Early years children learn many new words every day and understand far more than they can express. They relish navigating their way through language piecing together new understandings and relating them to the way they see and meet the world. An experience of theatre is like zipping a big book of experience inside a child.

Licketyspit believes all children are bursting with possibility. We want them to believe anything is possible for them. Licketyspit definitely fosters this idea. But all good children’s theatre, all good art, by its very nature, feeds this possibility.


The Christmas Quangle Wangle had the children enthralled, captivated, amused (lots of laughter) and engaged.Teacher
All the children were completely captivated from the moment the show began...quite carried away in their imaginations.Teacher - Traverse Theatre 2004
With a vivacity of performance that matches the inventiveness and wit of the storytelling and a hint of a moral.Glasgow Herald