About Us

Licketyspit is a specialist early years theatre and play company based in Scotland. We believe that play is the language of children and that if adults want to deliver on children’s rights, they need to rediscover the language of play.

Our inclusive, transformative drama-led play approach is called Storyplay.

It is an approach and methodology that has come directly through consulting children aged 3-8 who experience poverty, trauma and/or isolation, over the last 20 years.

Licketyspit creates and delivers work from full-scale theatre shows to intensive, drama-led early intervention. Our projects are delivered by specially trained actor-pedagogues, and based on theatre, stories, rhymes, songs and games.

What we do

At Licketyspit, we train professional actors and community artists to become Licketyspit Actor-Pedagogues, who deliver our projects with children and families. We also train volunteers and participants to co-deliver our work, as Storyplay Champions.

Storyplay, the Licketyspit approach to drama and drama-led play is rooted in children’s rights, community engagement, and a belief in the power of inter-generational, drama-led play.

It has four strands:

LicketyLeap (The Story of Margaret & Margaret)

Porridge & Play

Licketyspit’s Children & Families Network

Lickety Lab

Licketyspit also has a repertoire of Touring Theatre Shows.

We share our approach with professionals and practitioners working with children, in the arts, and in school and nursery settings, at local, national and international level.

Opening doors to imaginary playworlds, to unlock the limitless possibilities of children!

Our vision

Our vision is that child-centred, inclusive theatre and drama-led play become an integral part of children’s daily lives. We believe that theatre and drama can empower children, increase their capacity to flourish and support their wellbeing. More here.

Over 100,000 children, families and teachers across Scotland have engaged with Licketyspit’s work over the last 14 years. The company has a strong sense of ownership of its work among stakeholders and continues to break new ground, connecting the arts to the wider children’s sector.

More on our vision here.

Our funders

Our principle funders are the Robertson Trust, the National Lottery Community Fund and Creative Scotland Covid Recovery. We are grateful to all our funder and partners, whose logos can be found at the bottom of this page.

Delivering children’s rights through play!

Watch a short film about Licketyspit’s intergenerational drama-led play for families!