Lickety Volunteers & Storyplay Champions

Lickety Volunteers support our actor-pedagogues at Porridge & Play and Picnic & Play sessions and other Storyplay activities!

Our volunteers receive training and mentoring, and participate in debriefs and evaluation alongside our actor-pedagogues. All of our volunteers have disclosure checks.

Volunteer with us and become a Storyplay Champion!

Get in touch to discuss volunteering with us, email Ruby at or call 07413 800 342.

As a volunteer you’ll have the chance to take part in Storyplay training.

We also have family Storyplay Champions (including children and parents/carers). You can find out more about them in the Children & Families Network page.

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Storyplay Champions Michelle and Nicola tell you about their experience as Storyplay Champions volunteering in Castlemilk.

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23rd February 2023 Licketyspit is a pioneering children’s rights-based theatre and play organisation, based in Glasgow and a national centre of excellence for Storyplay – a unique approach to children’s rights-based intergenerational [...]

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Here is what our Storyplay Champions have to say…

My experience as a volunteer with Licketyspit is one of the most remarkable experiences, as the sessions invests in the future through enhancing children’s imagination and creativity.

Asim, BPPG 2019

Doing this has made realise how much I like being with children, even though I’m an adult, doing these kinds of things I feel I can be more myself.

Boatemma, BPPG 2019

You are very kind it is making me more relaxed. You are connecting with me, you are making conversation so I feel fine.

Saliha, BPPG 2019

It just helps everybody to connect and to see myself as a child. It’s something that’s helping with the bonding with my children. It’s usually very difficult…[and this] it goes a long way to help the bonding.

Daniel, BPPG 2019

I feel free. With the dressing up, you can’t do that all the time but I feel I can be myself.

Boatemma, BPPG 2019

That time we spend outside means a lot to me and I’m sure it does to other parents too.

Daniel, BPPG 2019

I am feeling better because if I think I am doing some useful things I am feeling much better and during the session meeting some new people and absorbing their changing, week by week. And week by week mothers are talking more, they know me and ask how are you. It is good, I think they feel better too.

Saliha, BPPG 2019

Volunteering with Licketyspit, 2019

Interview with a Licketyspit Volunteer

Volunteer Boatemaa was also interviewed by our funder The National Lottery Community Fund about her experience as a Mum and Volunteer at Licketyspit.

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