“I like the melon and the magic ball! ”

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Canal View

Canal View is a STORYPLAY school.

As some of you already know, Licketyspit Theatre Company has taken up part-time residence at

Canal View Primary. We are a children’s theatre company who create shows and opportunities for games, rhymes, songs and imaginary play with children, for children.

Storyplay Schools is a unique project designed to support the development of children’s literacy, language and confidence through the introduction of shared stories and inclusive play across the whole school community – children, families teachers and PSA’s.  Storyplay is delivered by specialist children’s theatre company, Licketyspit, together with the teachers. Storyplay is part of Canal View’s programme to raise children’s attainment.

Since 2017, every child in the school has been learning some of the Lickety Playcard repertoire of games, rhymes, songs, stories, dressing-up and imaginary play. We have also worked with Molly Whuppie – the play and storybook adapted by Licketyspit from the traditional Scottish folktale.

“Molly Whuppie dance, Molly Whuppie sing! Molly Whuppie ran through the woods and she went to see the King!”

We hope the children have continued to play at home – and to teach the games and stories to you too! (We are never too old to play!)

There is lots of evidence that our approach builds children’s confidence, strengthens friendships, develops language and literacy and encourages an enjoyment of school.

Storyplay is for everyone in the school community to be part of – we hope to see you at a session soon and do get in touch if you have any questions or ideas for your Storyplay School!

What have we been up to with P6 Play Champions?

7th Feb ‘What Are you Doing?’ and Storymaking

After a warm-up where we practised leading a couple of each class’s favourite games and songs, we continued developing our acting skills and quick-thinking in What Are You Doing? Then, we sat down in a circle and created a story together as a class. After Storymaking activity, we did some writing and drawing about the story we’d created. Some people also created some posters about Lickety Playground Play to put up on the Storyplay display in the lower school Hall.

31st Jan ‘In the Way of the Word’ – Active Grannies!

We would also like to invite you to join the Licketyspit Children and Families Network.

This is a big community of families across Scotland with children under-twelve, who all know Licketyspit. It’s a place to share experiences, ideas and resources – online and by email and post. We are also working with museums and libraries to create more new free opportunities for families.

You can join the network by clicking on Register Now  on the top right-hand corner of this page, or by emailing cfn@licketyspit.com with your name, the names & ages of your children, and your postcode.

Please follow us on Facebook & Twitter, where we’ll share news and photos of our sessions (with your permission), and tell us what you think! We love to get feedback and images of children’s drawings inspired by Lickety Play – and we will always write back!

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