Hello, and welcome to Making with Iona!

Making with Iona is all about the hilarious and playful side of crafts. I’ve always loved making things, especially using old packaging and things that would usually be thrown away. In Making with Iona, we turn ordinary bits and bobs into extraordinary things – milk bottles into fish! Socks into puppets! Cardboard into moustaches!

Together, we can transform crafts into characters and characters into stories! All we really need to have an amazing time is our imagination, and the addition of a newspaper wig can be fantastic! Making is also very relaxing, a time to enjoy the wonders of your hands and what they can create with things we find.

So, relax, play and let’s get making!

Latest episode

Episode 8: Miniature Worlds!

This week’s episode of Making with Iona is very special indeed! All the way from a beautiful beach in Ireland, Iona shows us how to make amazing MINIATURE WORLDS using magical bits of treasure that she’s found outside!

🔍 🐚 💎 🌼 You can find treasure ANYWHERE. Your garden, your street, your local park, the beach, a forest… Once you start looking properly, you’ll notice all sorts of magical things, like feathers and pretty stones and flowers with interesting shapes, might be hiding where you’d least expect🕵️ All you need is your imagination, and your Explorer’s Hat firmly on! Have fun making your own mini world – and make sure to tell us about it afterwards!

Episode 1: Sock puppets

Episode 2: Pet fish

Episode 3: Leaf rubbings & flower pressings

Episode 4: Marvellous Moustaches!

Episode 5: Newspaper Hats!

Episode 6: Egg Box Owls!

Episode 7: Plastic Jellyfish!

Episode 8: Miniature Worlds!

You can find so many ideas for simple arts and crafts to do as a family on the internet… it can be a little overwhelming knowing where to start sometimes! Here are some great sites to get you started. Enjoy!

Hundreds of fun and frugal craft ideas that won’t break the bank, using everyday things you’ll find around the house – just like Making with Iona!

A list of 41 particularly imaginative and creative craft activities you can do at home – from a bug hotel and a marble maze, to making your own soap!

A list of Scottish-themed arts and crafts for all ages and  – including felt Scottie dogs, or making your own Loch Ness monster from clay!

A directory of over 500 crafting ideas with an artistic focus, such as painting drawing, sculpture, collage and more. 

Over 100 ideas, organised around themes such as Halloween, Mother’s Day, Winter, and many more.

These videos are just the beginning… Now you’ve been inspired, let your imagination run free! What else could you do with household objects? Can you think of new stories for them? Which other characters are lurking in your house – and have they ever met each other 

👋 Introduce your new friends to each other!

You’ve made Sock Puppet, and you’ve made Mr Fish – but have they ever met? What would happen if they did? Does Sock Puppet like getting wet or is he angry when Mr Fish and his friends splash water all over him? There’s only one way to find out! 

👒 Get the dressing up box out 

By trying on a big floppy hat, or a brightly coloured scarf, or someone else’s enormous shoes, you might end up meeting even MORE crazy and funny characters in your own home! They’ve probably been there all along, but it’s funny how when we look at normal things differently, we sometimes see things we hadn’t noticed before. Or, what happens when you put on your own clothes, but in a different way?

🌐 Find other objects and turn them into something new

Can you make a jumper into a cat? Can you make a cushion into a set of bagpipes? How about some newspaper – can you make it into a fan? A hat? A boat? A ball? A wig?A mask?! This video might help to inspire you.

Over to you! Your Making Gallery…

Your Making Videos…

A huge thank you to C&FN member Lily Rose for sending this fantastic video showing us how to make quick, easy and colourful toys out of paper! 📦 ✂️ 🧶

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