What Professionals Say About Us

Professor Tina Bruce CBE, Early Childhood Education and Froebel expert:

“The work of Licketyspit is of a depth and calibre which is rarely found. The more parents and practitioners understand and act on the work of Licketyspit, the more young children will be given educational experiences which will serve them well for the rest of their lives.”

Tam Baillie

Tam Baillie, former Commissioner for Children and Young People:

“I love the work of Licketyspit. It manages to provide great theatre with children and really positive engagement with parents. For me, Licketyspit is more than just a marvellous children’s theatre company: they are a vital spark, igniting imaginations and unleashing creative energies in children and families. They see hope and potential in every child, every parent, every community. I am proud to be an ambassador for Licketyspit.”

Madeline McGeachie, Head Teacher, St Mary’s Primary School, Maryhill, Glasgow:

“Licketyspit provided an ideal opportunity to develop literacy through fun and imaginative play. Children and their families have participated in various play activities and loved the creative and amusing settings that have encouraged the children to think creatively and communicate imaginatively with each other.

“Research has shown the power of parental involvement in children’s learning and this has been a strong element of the programme through the Porridge and Play sessions. Children are very excited about the programme and eager to communicate their thoughts and ideas. Children who would normally be reluctant to contribute to discussions are willingly offering ideas and solutions as they are caught up in the imaginative world of Licketyspit.

“This has been a very exciting and eventful couple of weeks and has had a noticeable impact on children’s literacy and engagement”.

Malcolm Chisholm (Former MSP and Scottish Health Secretary):

“Quite simply the most important piece of instrumental art there has been for a very long time and every nursery school in Scotland could benefit from taking part in it.”