4 Minutes of Childhood

When the UNCRC Scotland Bill becomes law this year we will find ourselves as a nation with an extraordinary opportunity for positive change. Children will suddenly have a real say about how we do things. We will be having more conversations with children – and that should be easy, shouldn’t it? Because every grownup has BEEN a child!

…But how well do we remember what that felt like?

Licketyspit’s work has all developed out of consulting children through PLAY – the language of children.

We would like to make you a delightful & serious invitation to take 4 minutes from your day to revisit how you played as a child!

Please put your phone on silent and relax and remember…

What games did you play as a Child?

(2 mins)

Ten ten, bang/splat, letter writing, french skipping, board games, climbing trees, sceetchy, fashion shows

Where did you play?

(30 secs)

Out the back, the mud of building sites, the barn outside mine, communal square, at my grandparents’

Who did you play with?

(30 secs)

Sister, mum and dad, cousins, babysitters, my dearest friends, on my own, boys in the neighbourhood

How did you feel?

(30 secs)

Excited, carefree, competitive, happy to be included, nervous, always busy, powerful

How do you feel NOW?

(30 secs)

I miss it, being a child was the best!

I was more of a sporty type but now I’m kind of nerdy.

You can and should be whoever you want to be!

I’m happy how close it made me with my cousins

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