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Here are our top favourites to read for and with your child!

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Where The Wild Things Are 

by Maurice Sendak

A story about a child called Max who one night makes ‘a mischief’ after putting on his wolf suit, so his mother calls him ‘Wild Thing’ and sends him to bed without his supper. That night a forest grows in Max’s room and an ocean rushes by with a boat to take Max to the place where the wild things are and then the wild rumpus begins!

We love this book because Max does what all of us love to do – he goes on a daring journey by himself to somewhere exciting, strange and a bit scary and has an extraordinary adventure where he roars louder than all the Wild Things! And then wakes up safe in his own little bed.

This is a story that explores the strong desire children have for independence and adventure – which can also be a bit scary but a scariness they can cope with because of the unconditional love of their parents. No matter what happens, and even when parents may get frustrated and cross, a child can be confident they can always ‘sail home to the place where someone loves him best of all’!

Molly Whuppie

by Virginia Radcliffe

A book adaptation of Licketyspit’s stage production of Molly Whuppie. Adapted from the traditional Scottish tale by Virginia Radcliffe. Illustrated by Catherine Lindow.

“Once upon a time there was a little girl called Molly Whuppie. She lived in a house beside the sea with her Mother and her sister Ella. They played games like tig, hide ‘n’ seek. They sang and they danced. They paddled and they swam. They built sandcastles and sand-mermaids and they told each other poems.

“Molly’s little house was at the edge of the Great Mountain and the Great Mountain was covered with thick forest. One day Molly climbed to the top of the tallest tree beside the house and looked up. Suddenly, for the first time, she saw a castle, at  the top of the mountain. She could just see its golden towers peeking out over the treetops…”

Molly Whuppie dance, Molly Whuppie sing!

Molly Whuppie ran through the woods and she went to see the king!

For brave and bold children everywhere!