A letter from Margaret and Margaret


It’s Margaret and Margaret here.
We’re riding along in our balloon high in the sky.

In fact if you look up in the sky you might be able to see us waving!
Hello down there!

It’s lovely up here.
We can see for miles and miles!
And we’ve got everything we need up here in the basket with us.
We’ve got blankets and coats and hats and scarves and gloves to keep us cosy.
We’ve got cheese and pickle sandwiches. Worried Margaret made them just incase we get hungry! We’ve got a bottle of juice; 2 apples; 2 chocolate biscuits; few books to have a look at and a puzzle incase we get bored. We’ve brought our drawing stuff so we can draw all the things we can see so that we can remember to tell about them when we get home.
Not much really. Just a few things!

Better send this letter off with a passing seagull and get on with my drawing.
I just saw a green whale! And Margaret saw a penguin!

See you when we get back.
If you like you could send us a picture of what you’ve been doing!

Lots of love,

Margaret and Margaret xx

The Story of Margaret & Margaret

Margaret & Margaret are the characters in LicketyLeap, our immersive theatre production where children LEAP into the story with us.

Through the bog, over the sea, into the cave and up the mountain to find our heart’s desire…!

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