A Sea Horse Race is about to start!


Wednesday 15th November 2023 Hello, welcome everybody! Come to play in Whiteinch Library! Porridge & Play is here today! For games and food and friends and cheer - Hooray!! We make ourselves as Big As Bear For a right good old warm up For our bodies, our voices and our ideas And to have a right good laugh! A Naughty Fish and an Evil Spider A Spinning Unicorn, a Meow Meow Cat! The Funky Chicken has many friends And you don’t get funner than that! Dressing up with old clothes Be someone that you’re not Pretend to be an owl a bear, a squirrel, or a frog or a leopard covered in spots! We now are in a forest Where we find there are Wolves! Who howl, awooo awoo awooo! Keep busy and always chat! They tell the time by gorgeous watches!   ‘What’s the time Mr. Wolf?’ the creatures ask, ‘It’s 5 o’clock my creature dears’ It’s nearly DINNER TIME! We find a Magic Ball, We blow to make it big We climb inside And we decide To go for a nice dip! We appear at the seaside We dive into the sea We find a whale that’s sad Because a bunch of crabs took over her crib And made her mad! A Sea Horse Race is about to start. We all want to take part! Get [...]

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A Very Hungry Giant in Witchland!


Wednesday 1st November 2023 We had an incredible time with our Whiteinch Library families at our Spookiest Porridge & Play Whiteinch session yet! And it was great to be joined by some new faces too! To set the tone for a spooky Storyplay adventure Steven read the Wee Witches poem by our very own Virginia! Sitting in our circle we all paused to listen…   “What do you think a witch is like? Does a witch ride a broomstick or ride on a bike? Does a witch wear gold? Or red, or black?.... ..... How would like a witch to be? Is it like her or is it like me.” With that final question we found ourselves thinking… well... the witches could be...like all of us? In fact, we could all be whatever witches we want to be... Let's... DRESS UP AS WITCHES!!! GREAT IDEAA!!!! Super great in fact because at Licketyspit we know that dressing up and getting into character is something we can ALL do, all we need is a bag of old clothes and our imaginations to transform into whatever our Witchy hearts and minds desire!! So, with us all dressed up it was time to meet some new Witchy friends! Woosh round the room into the magic circle we met Witch Bronwyn who lives in the clouds, Witch Amjad who lives on the moon. [...]

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Bubble Bubble, Toil & Trouble


Find out what the Maryhill Group got up to during our SPOOKTAKULAR final session at Woodside Library!  Tuesday 31st October Well!  What a  spooktastic Halloween party we had at Porridge & Play this week!   Woodside Library was host to an array of fabulous and fantastical creatures and witches from far and wide! (And we met a spooky chicken, a very scary cat, a monster rat and a scary wolf!)     Have you ever wondered what a witch is like? What they might wear? How they might travel?     The most marvellous witches arrived at Woodside Library today.     They had journeyed from far and near. They looked STRANGE! and it turned out that they LOVED casting ghastly spells!     First Witch Heather and the Bog Witch led our crew of weird and wonderful spell-makers with ear splitting cackles! Ah ha ha ha! Screeched Witch Heather! Luckily Witch Hermione quickly turned Witch Heather into a frog!     The magnificent Witch Mistieosa had flown all the way from Witchland! It turned out she had a brilliant spell to turn people into broomsticks! So she turned the Bog Witch into a broomstick and Witch Heather jumped on top of it and flew about on her!     Witch Jamal,  tried to turn Brodie into an ant….. but the spell bounced past him and hit Witch Emma instead! Amazing!  [...]

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Wee Witches make big red dragons from 4 brains!


Welcome to the Big Porridge & Play Online blog where we share our stories and adventures! Saturday 28th October We had many Halloween treats for our last Porridge & Play Online session to enjoy with our friends! A fabulously monstrous Dance Warm-up, the Spooky Funky Chicken, a creepy Mucky Brew and we did Bookplay with Wee Witches, a play written by our very own Virginia! Wee Witches are funny, Wee Witches are silly, They wear woolly vests when it gets a bit chilly, They can zip like a firework across the night sky, They nip round the world in the blink of an eye, Wee Witches are wonderful wild and free, But sometimes they just like a quiet cup of tea…….. Virginia’s story Wee Witches is perfect for Bookplay as it’s packed with fantastic characters, songs, poems and of course plenty of magical action to play with! So Sarah read a poem from it that inspired us all to dress up and create our very own Witch… Jayden was Witch Hogy Fart ‘I like to make ice cream that looks bad on the outside but inside is super-tasty! I’m from Wizardland’. Nusaibah & Nabilah were The Mushroom Witches Twins ‘We live in Mushroom World, we dance and play but we don’t like children because they want to eat us! We live in a deep dark [...]

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Let’s bake a cake with expired hot dog shoes!


Wednesday 25th October 2023 We LOVE food at Whiteinch Library Porridge & Play! We love to EAT it, MAKE it and even WEAR IT! Our Whiteinch friends had a grand time at Porridge & Play this week exploring all things foodie… We made a fab MUCKY BREW! We got to make a fantastic mess wearing all sorts of imaginary food... Egg, flour, expired hot dogs for shoes, last week’s chocolate candy in your ears, donuts on your face… The MUCKY BREW can go on forever because at the end, when you are all messy and sticky you can just hop in the shower and wash yourself to the tune of ‘The Washing Song!’ We BAKED A CAKE with the input of our fantastic Whiteinch Chefs who are packed full of pioneering culinary ideas! The result was OUT OF THIS WORLD! Check out these incredible ingredients: Baking soda, cow’s milk , 3 eggs, flour, chocolate, 1 glass of sugar, baking powder, fish, 3 drops of strawberry, a smelly sock, lemon zest, mango, 30% baking soda, roses, a strawberry donut, 3 packets of oreos and a rainbow lassoed out of the sky! We stirred in EVERYTHING, baked it in the oven and had a great tasting session and chat about our edible creation. And of course we ATE the lovely Porridge & Play spread like we do in every session [...]

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Porridge & Play Bookplay at Woodside Library!


Find out what the Maryhill Group got up to during our BOOKPLAY session at Woodside Library!  Tuesday 24th October 2023 Let the Wild Rumpus begin! The Maryhill Families had a spectacular afternoon of adventures again this Tuesday at Woodside Library! It was full of marvellous Wild Things!   This week was our first Woodside BOOKPLAY session, Kevan, the Librarian had given us a fabulous book - WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE by a man called Maurice Sendak. First we listen to Steven reading to us. Where the Wild Things Are is a story about a boy called Max who is so mischevious that his Mum sends him to bed without any supper. But as he starts to fall asleep he notices that the walls of his bedroom are turning into a forest and when he looks further he sees a boat! So he gets into the boat and sails across the sea to where the WILD THINGS are! We liked this book so much that we wondered if it was possible for us to jump into the story and to actually go to Where The Wild Things Are! So we all dressed up as wild things and practised our wild faces and our wild roaring! We suddenly realised there was a slight problem- how were we going to get there? It was something we had to [...]

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Online Bookplay week!


Welcome to the Big Porridge & Play Online blog where we share our stories and adventures! Saturday 21st October Sometimes when you are reading a good story you almost feel like you are in it… And sometimes, if you feel like it, you can ACTUALLY BE IN THE STORY… BOOKPLAY does exactly that… Choose a story, read it with all your pals and then simply jump INTO the story with your imagination…   This Saturday we did BOOKPLAY with two of our past Magic Ball adventures!   (For anyone who doesn’t know, Magic Ball is the Licketyspit game where we climb inside our Magic Ball to go somewhere unexpected and unexpected and often amazing things happen ! Afterwards we always write about what happened to put in our Blog!) So we today we had a good read of two of our past Magic Ball adventures and then... WHOOOOOOOOSH!!!! We landed at the very, very long beach of our first story!! The sea was so far away! We ran and ran  and ran but we didn’t seem to get any closer to the shore… Luckily Victoria spotted a shortcut - ‘This way!’ she called. Finally we reached the shore where Pemi used his wand to create boats for us all so we could row ourselves out to sea! ‘Rowing is a thirsty game!’ [...]

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Week one Porridge & Play at Whiteinch Library!


Flying Balloons & a Great Granny Convention! Wednesday 18th October 2023 Have you been to the beautiful Whiteinch Library? It is a lovely building, cozy and warm with lovely librarians who are most helpful and welcoming! Aren’t we lucky to have libraries - such fantastic places to visit to read or borrow books, meet friends, discover and explore stories, knowledge and mysteries but also to have Storyplay with us? So this week we met Whiteinch pals old and new at Whiteinch Library for our first Storyplay of the Autumn! We danced and warmed up, played Funky Chicken, flew high up in the sky on our very own Flying Balloons to explore Glasgow and the world and we dressed up as Whiteinch Grannies attending a Granny Convention! Taz was Ninja Granny and lived in an old shoe, Nina was a Granny who lived in a chocolate house, watches TV and likes to dance! Freddy was Fairy Granny who lives in a big,big,big,big blue shoe and invites friends over to play power rangers. She watches TV and her fave food is chocolate. Carmen was Granny Susan who constantly has cold hands!She lives in the North Pole also in an open plan shoe with her seal, Zofia was Granny Sweet who lived in a hut in Candyland and has a sweetie bunny pet. She lives in a house made [...]

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Tree monsters and Grannies!!


Find out what the Maryhill Group got up to during week 3 at Woodside Library!  Tuesday 17th October This week we met some amazing Funky Chicken pals of all shapes and sizes! There was Mohammed’s Happy Cat, Daniel’s Silly Giraffe, Brodie’s  Angry Dog,  a scary Seagull that Maha knew, Lacy and Payton’s Bouncy and Happy Rabbits and a very Silly Lion from Meeshiv. After meeting all these wild  creatures, we found some colourful balloons and decided to go flying across Glasgow and beyond! Everly spied a huge volcano which  was dormant but then, all of a sudden,  it erupted and rivers of lava began to flow toward us  which made us all feel very hot! Then a rather contemporary looking dragon flew out of the top of the volcano and its scales were the most spectacular orange colour with blue spots . We watched it soar high in the sky and then it slowly  disappeared into the fiery sky. Then,  as if by magic,  we found ourselves in Egypt eating Chicken pie! It was so delicious! However,  just before we could ask for a second helping, the sand started to swirl and the wind picked up and we were all caught in the middle of a sandstorm. We were very brave though, and managed to protect our eyes whilst still hanging on to our balloons! [...]

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Mucky brews and book reviews!


Back again at Woodside Library for Porridge & Play!  Friday 13th October What a great time we had with our Maryhill pals last Friday at Woodside Library! This week we were all very excited about food… so excited, we made a Mucky Brew full of weird and wonderful foods! To start off, we got some huge ostrich eggs and cracked them over our heads which was GREAT FUN, then we covered ourselves in glorious gooey stuff. Nisa began the mucky brew pouring in runny chocolate, Vincenzo added feathers, Daniel and Lacy threw in some watermelon,  AND then we added LOTS more yucky muckyness including tomato sauce, ice-cream, eggs, strawberry jam and a BIG CAKE that we splatted on our faces before rubbing it in. To finish off this delightful mucky brew Everley got us all to take some MALT LOAF & THROW IT OVER EACH OTHERS HEADS and said the magic words!! MUCKY ME! MUCKY YOU! MUCKY MUCKY MUCKY BREW! We were so SMELLY and STICKY that we had to wash ourselves all clean and fresh again and thank goodness Tochukwu had some towels so we weren’t dripping wet! No sooner were we dry, than something truly magical happened and we all transformed into fabulous chefs from far and wide who were all, as it happened, particularly good at baking! This was wonderful [...]

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