Welcome to our Jelly Catwalk!!


Welcome to the Big Porridge & Play Online blog where we share our stories and adventures! Friday 24th June The return of the Jelly Catwalk!!! To land on a cloud would be a fine thing, but to land on a jelly would be a dream. What if this Jelly tasted of strawberries? And when you bounced you landed in a giant Jelly Castle?! This is what happened for us in our Magic Ball! We were greeted by a confused pink-haired Jelly Queen, who was holding her event of the year… THE JELLY CATWALK. ‘Would you like to join?’ She asked in a high pitched, wobbly voice. ‘You must dress up as a Jelly character, walk the walk, and each time the music stops… POSE!’   ‘YES,’ we all cried. And our Jelly characters were invented. Adeelah had a snake balanced on her head! Stella had ice-cream in her ears! Zoha was the doughnut girl! Anaya had scrunchies on her eyes! We walked the walk and posed until we could pose no more. And it even turned out there was a world famous French model there who exclaimed that she had never seen such amazing posing in her whole life!! 😮 What an adventure! This week was a particularly inspired session of Big Porridge & Play Online. It was a world class demonstration of how much fun [...]

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Porridge & Play Ruchill is back!


Friday 29th July Drumroll please!! We are excited to announce that Porridge & Play will be BACK in Ruchill for autumn 2022! Sessions will run on Saturday afternoons at the Pavilion, in collaboration with North United Communities We will have a 6-week block starting on Saturday 15th October. How can I take part? Families can join our Children & Families Network to get further information and reminders nearer the start of the project. The launch session will be open to all. You will be able to sign up for the following sessions at the launch. If we are over subscribed, we will prioritise families with children between 3-8 years living in the local area. We can't wait to see lots of our old friends - and make some new ones! Free taster sessions! Schools, nurseries, community groups, youth work and family clubs can book a free taster session in September. Become a Storyplay Champion We are also looking for Storyplay Champion volunteers to support the sessions! Storyplay Champions are parents, carers, children's professionals and other volunteers who train in the Storyplay approach and support our team of specialised Actor-Pedagogue to deliver our Porridge & Play sessions. Find out more about what's involved here or contact us. Porridge & Play Ruchill Page Contact us Contact cfn@licketyspit.com or call/WhatsApp us on 07413 800 342 [...]

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Licketyspit at the Refugee Festival Scotland!


We went to the Scottish Refugee Festival!! Saturday 18th June We had a wonderful Licketyspit Picnic & Play to celebrate the Scottish Refugee Festival in Elder Park on Saturday 18th June with 14 families from all over the city – and all over the world! It was a blustery sunny day. The early birds had a hilarious time with Effie singing Old Roger is Dead & inventing millions of new verses and new characters for Jelly on his Head! Adeelah gave us Violet with Chewing gum in her mouth! Mohammad gave us Freddie with eggs on her ears! We had far too many to remember! Azalea with butter on her nose!  Melody with carrots on her nose! Flower with rolls in her nose! Jeff with sausages in his ears! Wendy with apple pit in her mouth! Nachos in someone’s eyes! Max with birthday cake in his mouth!....so many!  When everyone else arrived, we did BIG as a BEAR – which was BIG as there were 41 of us! We also played Funky Chicken and a raucous Grandma Grandma. Raucous means making or aiding in creating a really loud noise! Then we Dressed Up for our Magic Ball Adventure. Jainaba set up the Magic Ball for everyone. When we finally arrived and unzipped the magic ball to see where we'd arrived we stepped out into ‘0h gravity …wooooooo! ….we were in space! [...]

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Awoo! The wolves of the Lickety Forest!


Welcome to the Big Porridge & Play Online blog where we share our stories and adventures! Friday 10th June Awoo! This week was all about animals! We met Lindsey the Lion with a dressing gown on her head! (Felicia) Stronger the Bear, the strongest of them all! (Ameen) The fastest cheetah! (Stella) And the biggest and baddest of WOLVES!! Awoo! Being the only animal in the forest with a watch, the wolf is the most powerful of all. ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?' They all cry! ‘Time for my nap.’ He says with a sigh. So all of the animals heave into a sleep, until they’re awoken with a need to eat. ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?' They all roar! and wake Mr Wolf, with a snore, he shouts ‘12 o’ clock…… DINNER TIME!!!’ And all the animals leap to their homes, while the wolf snaps his jaws and grumbles and moans! Sarah said: ‘Wolf was my favourite game because it was fun!’ And Praise said: ‘I drawed the wolf shouting dinner time and everyone running away and when he said go to bed and go to school. Someone is crying because she missed the bus! They are holding sponges and things to clean the house.’ We also had a brilliant time playing MUCKY BREW! We covered ourselves in purple slime, apples, strawberries, flour, sunflower [...]

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Porridge & Play Danced With Adie!!


As part of our New Scots Integration project, Porridge & Play Hubs, we invited Ghanaian dancer Adie Baako to take us on a family art voyage in Bridgeton, Castlemilk & Cranhill. Read all about them below! Porridge & Play Hubs is running throughout 2022 with this block being the 2nd of our exciting New Scots Integration Project! Thank you to everyone who has partnered with us to provide such amazing experiences for our children & families, and to all our Storyplay Champions!  A Very Special Family Art Voyage for Porridge & Play Cranhill!  Thursday 19th May ‘That’s Adie teaching us to dance I was kind of dizzy thank you for teaching us to dance!’ - Bukumi We got our dancing shoes on for our first Picnic & Play Cranhill! What a welcome back it was - we had families old and new join us for a very special Session 1 of Block 2 and we all had a fantastic time. Starting outside in the gardens of the Cranhill Development Trust we had a delicious picnic with fruit, bread, cheese, carrots, peppers, cucumbers AND we got to make our own smoothies & milkshakes out of all the ingredients we had. We had some very interesting combinations but they were all scrumptious! Then we had the truly fantastic Adie teach us Kpanlogo, a classic Ghanian dance - it was [...]

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A Super Cake & Electricity Bolt!!


Welcome to the Big Porridge & Play Online blog where we share our stories and adventures! Friday 27th May This week was all about… chefs! Football chefs, Zuper chefs and Superhero chefs all joined forces to make a fantastic CAKE!!! And what a cake it was. I will share the recipe with you now. OUR SUPER CAKE RECIPE: INGREDIENTS: For the cake:  Runny milk chocolate Strawberries Salt and vinegar noodles Electricity bolt Love Berries Pepperoni and corn pizza Sweets For the topping: Spicy powder Tangerine slices Icing Sprinkles To catch the electricity bolt the Zuper Hero Chef guided us through. We had to run outside and think of something sad, and if we all threw the sadness into the air at the same time it would evaporate and transform into an electricity bolt! We had to quickly catch and hold it with all of our strength before throwing it into the cake bowl! Why don’t you give it a go? The cake was rather spicy but very delicious and we washed it down with a glass of milk! We each took a bite of the electricity bolt and our bodies started bouncing uncontrollably, filled to the brim with energy and excitement. We bounced and bounced until we could bounce no more, and after that we all felt great! Next time you’re playing why don’t you [...]

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Picnic & Play at Castlemilk & Tollcross Park!!


Find out all about our Picnic & Plays with the Bridgeton, Castlemilk and Cranhill Hubs! These Blog posts show what we got up to and all the Storyplay-ing we did! Porridge & Play Hubs is running throughout 2022 with this block being the 2nd of our exciting New Scots Integration Project! Thank you to everyone who has partnered with us to provide such amazing experiences for our children & families, and to all our Storyplay Champions!  Picnic & Play at Castlemilk Park!! Wednesday 18th May Magic Map, Magic Map show us the path to CASTLEMILK PARK! Jack’s Magic Map showed us that in fact Emma, Jared & Levi knew the path already and so they took the lead and guided us all from Castlemilk Community Centre to the woods at the heart of Castlemilk Park where we met our new friend, Stuart! It was a lovely afternoon and we merrily walked using Jack’s Magic Map to guide us into the heart of Castlemilk Park. With Jared’s help we were able to find Park Ranger Stuart! Stuart told us to follow him, to be careful with our steps as the woods have bumpy grounds and to keep our eyes and ears at the ready, for the woods do have many creatures and interesting wildlife for everyone to enjoy. Stuart had even set up a wee [...]

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Welcome back to Big Porridge and Play Glasgow online!


Welcome to the Big Porridge & Play Online blog where we share our stories and adventures! Friday 13th May Hello and welcome to Big Porridge and Play Glasgow online 2022! We had so much fun coming together again to play from all over Glasgow! We played Miss Mary Mac, Big as a Bear, Funky Chicken, Dressing Up, and Magic Ball! It was so much fun using our imaginations, remembering in our imaginations we can go anywhere, be anyone and do anything! It was great to see so many of our friends again after so long. We also welcomed a new family! We’d like to say a big Licketyspit welcome to Sarah, Stella and Joy! We all love a good song and rhyme at Licketyspit! So, we started off with Miss Mary Mac! Seeing everyone saying the words and doing the actions in our boxes together helped me feel really connected. Saif & Fateh even said "I love this. It is so much fun, " which is what we love to hear! Having 35 of you all joining in with the fun and games at our first session was amazing and really shows how our Licketyspit family champion play! Playing games online is a little different to playing in person, but we have just as much fun. It also means we get to play with others who wouldn’t always [...]

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Volunteer with Licketyspit!


22nd April 2022 We are looking for volunteers to take part in our intergenerational Storyplay sessions across a range of projects. Our play sessions mainly take place on Wednesdays (2.30-6.30), Thursdays (3-7), Fridays (3-7), Saturdays (10-4). Dates for induction training are - 24th May (6-7.30) - 25th May (11-1) drop in for 1-to-1 chats - 21st June (4-5.30) You must attend at least 1 training session. If you can attend all 3 sessions you'll develop your skills further, on the road to becoming a Storyplay Champion! We aim to be as flexible as we can to accommodate our volunteer's availability and circumstances. You can tell us more about your availability when you sign up or get in touch if you'd like to have a chat. If you have children and would like to volunteer with us - we'd love to hear from you. We can work out an arrangement suitable to your needs, every family is different. You will receive Storyplay Training - learn to use the Storyplay toolkit of games, rhymes, songs and imaginary play activities and the methodology of how we play Experience working with diverse groups of families including refugees and asylum seeking families, in communities across Glasgow Understanding and experience of how Licketyspit engages online and in person, logistical know-how of running successful large group play activities Storyplay resources Experience preparing and serving community meals Experience [...]

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Storyplay for the Planet Zine


Welcome to the Storyplay For The Planet blog, where we share the stories of all the adventures we've had! Get in touch to find out how to join. Saturday 12th March 2022 Our celebration & zine launch on Saturday was a brilliant way to finish our Storyplay for the Planet project. We have had a truly fantastic time over the last few months meetings families from all over Glasgow Centre East Ward and hearing their creative ideas and solutions to help us tackle Climate Change. We put this zine together but the ideas inside came from each and every family who came along and shared with us at our school, nursery, community and outdoor sessions. At our celebration session, we did our warm up and met some Funky Animals and then we went flying in our balloons to show our guests the kind of things that we saw over the last few months! We flew high up over the sky and when we looked down we saw a dirty, muddy, smelly river. Well…. we couldn’t allow that! So we landed our balloons and got to work cleaning out the muck. We had tubes to suck out all the oil, we had bin bags to recycle all the rubbish and when it was clean we were able to go for a swim. The water was [...]

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