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Saturday 25h March 2023

The Saturday pals gathered for the last Storyplay Online of the Winter wearing fabulous outfits and beautiful smiles!

Andre, Sarah and Taz announced that they had all been invited to a party by three rather eccentric people called RuRu, Fibi and Gigi!

‘Please dress to impress! By which we mean get your cool on and your creativity shining!’

And to the music beat off they went to rummage around the house to find all sorts of fantastic bits and bobs to create the most incredible outfits.

‘Oh my! You all look absolutely dapper!’ ‘Ever so smart’ ‘And oh so inspiring!’

The tunes were banging and the guests were admired! 

‘Now to the Catwalk! We all must share our fantastic selves with the world. Please my dear guests…strut your stuff!’

What a catwalk that was! The style, the poise, the brilliant dance moves and the POSES! 

Everyone was feeling great even though some were a little shy to begin with but soon they relaxed and felt fine! And it felt really nice to take a moment to shine and a moment to appreciate others shining too! 

‘Cheers everyone! And now…the Ever Changing Present’

The Ever Changing Present

Fibi gave a blue and pink dragon to Junior & Christabel

But it’s changing, it’s changing into… 

a blue and yellow dragon for Victoria

But it’s changing, it’s changing into.. 

a frog for Sara!

But it’s changing, it’s changing into…

a butterfly for Ameen!

But it’s changing, it’s changing into… 

a rainbow lion for Sam!

But it’s changing, it’s changing into… 

a baby vampire for Tiwani!

But it’s changing, it’s changing into… 

a toy car for Esther!

But it’s changing, it’s changing into… 

A big house made with red bricks and 9 rooms for Ope!

But it’s changing, it’s changing into… 

a big airplane for Asha!

But it’s changing, it’s changing into… 

a cube that’s a board game for Simmi!

But it’s changing, it’s changing into… 

baby turtle for Aliya!

But it’s changing, it’s changing into… 

a big turtle for Gigi!

But it’s changing, it’s changing into… 

a rocking horse for everyone!

What a brilliant party to end our Winter block of Storyplay sessions.

Thank you all so much for playing with us!

By Andre, Sarah, Taz & The Saturday Pals

This was my frog, that was me doing the catwalk and then I just made these random colours and this was the dance floor.


We did it together! These are things we got at the party! Presents & the party bags and party cards, cakes and party hats. I liked the catwalk.

Amir & Ameen

A zoom Monster! That is coming to the party. That is a yellow tie that you can also take off. Fav was dressing up.


Drew a pirate ship inspired by the Pirate Poem and a Thank you for having me on the Saturday sessions.


This is me when I was dressed as a fashionista and was walking down the catwalk and people were saying nice things to me. I was a bit shy at the beginning but then I was fine. I liked the music.


This is me for the party, there’s a disco ball & this is the food at the party- there are muffins and salads and fish. I received a special parcel- sunglasses that change the colour. It says love from me and my family. And thank you because I really enjoyed the sessions.


The party, the egg that I found… I enjoyed the party


Storyplay City was funded by Glasgow Communities fund 2020-23

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