Big Porridge & Play Ruchill Week 1

27th April 2019

Our first Big Porridge & Play session at Ruchill was wonderful – with a really buzzing atmosphere!

We had a group of over 50 participants made up of current Children & Families Network families and new families at the Ruchill Community Centre.

Lots of people came early, with one parent saying they couldn’t wait “because they were just so excited!”

We played lots of Lickety Playcard games – made ourselves as Big As A Bear, got to know the Funky Chicken and his friends, wriggled like a Grandma and flew off in our Balloons, high above Glasgow, and saw furry rabbits, the Eiffel tower and people playing in the park! One mum told us how much she loved the Balloons game – she’d never done anything like it!

Monsters Footsteps was another highlight – we dressed up and crept towards a couple of different Grandmas.We had a delicious lentil, carrot and leek soup and ended the session with Reflective Drawing and the Licketyspit Gallery, where children and parent artists presented their work and shared what they liked most about the session! You can find out more about our food in the Lickety Kitchen.

You can find your artwork below…

What you said…

Thank you for having us

Having the snack in between is great especially all the fruit

This was a wonderful afternoon with a lovely diverse community

Love the diversity in it all

Keep up the good work! Gathering people who wouldn’t come together normally

B loves to play games

BIG Porridge & Play Glasgow is a 7-week block of Licketyspit Playcard Play & food sessions for families with children under 12. This year for the very first time we will be going out for sessions 4 and 5 to have Picnic & Play sessions in cultural centres around Glasgow. Find out more by clicking here!