Big Porridge & Play Whiteinch Week 6


5th June 2019 With our sessions drawing to a close we want to make sure our last Big Porridge & Play afternoons together are fantastic! On Wednesday at Whiteinch Library we had exactly that! We had such an enjoyable afternoon of play together! Ruby and Jack were joined by Iona as again everyone braved the horrible weather outside to make it to the library. We had the best Big as a Bear in Whiteinch yet. As soon as we started our warm-up, everyone was joining in with some brilliant actions too! We were so happy to see how well you have all learned this, as well as all the other songs and games! This is a great one to teach your family and friends at home and school! After last week’s brilliant story creation with Ruby we absolutely loved hearing your story again this week – Kitty the Clown & the Naughty Seagull. Taking it in turns to read brilliantly, there was a great deal of respect shown by the rest of the group as everyone listened so well! We were so impressed by this and we can’t wait for you to show your invited guests how hard you all worked on this! The story of Kitty the Clown was our inspiration this week, as we took turns in showing off our best and most exciting circus skills! With [...]

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Big Porridge & Play Ruchill Week 5


1st June 2019 We had a really wonderful Picnic & Play on The Tall Ship with the Ruchill Porridge & Play group last week. Ruby met some of the group to get the bus to Partick after a quick game of Big as a Bear and Funky Chicken at the bus stop. When we got there, we met the rest of the group, as well as Jack, Rita, Boatemaa and Emmanuel, who had been getting things ship shape and ready to go, and we had an incredibly imaginative, energetic and joyful session. We had some very confident Funky Chicken contributions - like the Puppy Dog, the Tall Snake and the Slow Snail. Everyone was really listening to each other and showing a lot of mutual respect and appreciation. We also played Sent a Letter to my Love, with lots of smiling and skipping about. Then suddenly, the Letter turned into a Magic Ball... Our Tall Ship Magic Ball Adventure - The Nasty Pirate and the Sea Creature We climbed inside the Magic Ball and found some dressing up clothes to create our adventure costumes, then we said the magic words and the Magic Ball took us off - to an Arctic Island! You were unstoppable and brimming with ideas. Several people bravely jumped into the icy sea and invited us all to have a swim. Then we [...]

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Big Porridge & Play Gorbals Week 4


23rd May 2019 This week the BIG Porridge & Play Gorbals families set off from the St Francis Centre through the Gorbals and over the Suspension Bridge to play on Glasgow Green. We had a brilliant session! The Funky Chicken arrived with lots of funny animals - like the cheeky dog, the roaring t-rex, the angry cheetah, the happy lion and the cheeky spider and we had a great time dancing, singing and roaring as we walked along the road together like a big family. When we got to the park we wept and wailed over poor Old Roger. We planted some apple trees over his head - but when the apples grew ripe and all tumbled down a cheeky old woman came along and popped all the apples into her basket! She was very pleased with herself until suddenly…Old Roger hopped up from his grave large as life and gave her a SHOCK! Which made the old woman go Hippety Hop! We all think this story-song is hilarious! Everyone wanted a go at being Old Roger (and the Mums were scared!) We played a huge game of Witches Fingers with some scary parent witches cackling away! The witches had a terrible time trying to catch us though because we had the whole of Glasgow Green to run away to! We had wonderful Monster Trees which crept slowly up [...]

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