Big Porridge & Play Whiteinch Week 2

8th May 2019

We had our second BIG Porridge & Play Glasgow session in Whiteinch and what a session it was, with 14 families and 43 people attending altogether! We travelled around the world to the coasts of Portugal in the magic ball, we danced the Ickerickeroo and met some very scary witches!

We played Witches Fingers for the first time and the group really loved this game! We had some very convincing and scary witches who all drank the same bottle of poison! Witches Fraser, Suzy and Frankey were fantastic and really got into their witch characters! We met some of the Funky Chicken’s funny friends including the Slippery Snake, the Creepy Spider, the Black Dinosaur and the Silly Cat! We wonder if we’ll meet any more of his band of merry animals over the next few weeks?

Ruby asked us to name all of our different body parts, but we couldn’t name any of them correctly! She had some very different names for hers, telling us all about the old Scots words for our body parts as we danced and sang the Ickerickeroo. The group now knows all about our brainboxer, our e-peepers and our bread basket!

We also took a trip in the Magic Ball for the first time. We travelled to the windy coastline of Portugal where we looked over the edge of a very high cliff! Luckily, we were blown away from the edge into a secret tunnel! Rhiannon spotted a mermaid in the tunnel, so we slowly crept in to find her and find her we did! She was very welcoming, and she fed us with fresh sea-apples and sea-weed! We danced the wolf-dance to protect us from the scary wolves Ava warned us about making our way out to a beautiful beach. We went swimming deep in the ocean and Corey spotted Jaws. Corey made sure the shark was friendly, bravely jumping in to make friends with him so the shark didn’t eat us all! We built a fire to dry off and we cooked some delicious fish with Lilly’s tasting like mermaid tail!

We then all ate together a delicious sweet potato, carrot and lentil soup which filled us up before we ended our session with the Licketyspit Art Gallery! You can find out more about the Lickety food in the Lickety Kitchen and find the artworks below…

What you said…

“It was so much fun!” (Mum)

“I drew the tunnel and loads of different people who are all smiling and happy!” (Child, 7)

“I drew lots of lovely colours form the magic ball when we were swimming in the ocean!” (Child, 3.5)

“I want to go up in the magic balloon again!” (Child, 3)

“I drew the beach and the water! I also drew myself swimming in the sea! My favourite thing today was meeting the mermaid! She gave us sea weed and sea shells to listen to!” (Child, 4)

“I drew a rainbow star. My favourite moment was when we sang twinkle twinkle little star. It made my feel free and nice!” (Child, 3)

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BIG Porridge & Play Glasgow is a 7-week block of Licketyspit Playcard Play & food sessions for local families with children under 12. This year for the very first time we will be going out for sessions 4 and 5 to have Picnic & Play sessions in cultural centres around Glasgow. Find out more by clicking here!