Big Porridge & Play Whiteinch Week 7

12th June 2019

The last Big Porridge & Play 2019 at the Whiteinch library was the biggest yet – with nearly 60 of us singing, playing and dressing up together, before sitting down for a meal. It was very characteristic of the project as a whole, with a lot going on but a wonderful, vibrant energy – just like a big family party!

It was great to introduce our guests to Jelly on his Head and Grandma Grandma. With loud enthusiastic singing across the circle, encouraging grandparents, neighbours and friends to join in.

Lots of people took the floor to lead us in different Funky Chicken animals – like Rhiannon’s Naughty Unicorn, Yu’s Silly Dinosaur and Ava’s Cheeky Snake. We had fun remembering the body-part names in Ickerickeroo,with even the youngest in the group joining in and concentrating intently from our Toe Pointers to our Brainboxers!

Letter to my Love was really fun, with those dropping the letter taking great delight in guessing who had picked it up. Everyone really went to town with their Dressing Up – the best yet – gathering into a huddle for a quick group photo before we played our final game, Monsters’ Footsteps. Here, we met Granny Carson and Granny Jennifer, and Granny Frankey and Granny Sofia, before everyone else turned into brilliant Monster Trees, dancing and creeping their way towards them.

We were so thrilled that so many people wanted to bring something to share at the meal – we were certainly not short of food! From Anzelika, Frankey and Zofia’s Chocolate Butterfly Cakes to Christine and Corey’s Top Hats, Lily and Lisa’s Vegan Raspberry Cake to Anne’s Cheese & Onion rolls and Sausage Rolls, Yue’s Shrimp Noodles to Hanna’s Prawn Crackers, Zhenlan’s Seaweed and Carrot Rolls and Yu’s Spring Rolls, Suzy’s Brownies to Donna’s Strawberry Gateau, not to mention Asim’s Sudanese Lentil Soup! It was a feast. Look out for recipes in the Lickety Kitchen – and if you made something, please send us a recipe so we can add it!

It’s been a great 7 weeks, from our Tall Ship adventure with the mermaid and the sharks, to our first Magic Ball with the amazing dragon, we have seen and done some amazing things in our imaginary play. The story of Kitty the Clown and the Naughty Seagull is a brilliant creation and a testimony to everyone’s commitment to Porridge & Play and belief in your own limitless imaginations and each other. We missed everyone this Wednesday and hope we’ll be able to do more Porridge & Play in Whiteinch and other parts of Glasgow where we might see you soon.

Stay in touch and let us know if you’ve been playing the Lickety-Playcard games. We’d also love to add any new drawings to the Lickety Gallery, and if you write to us, we’ll always write back.

What you said…

“Thank you so much, we will really miss this” (Mum)

Having R’s grandparents join in and seeing her’s excitement to be teaching them the songs and games.” (Mum)

“She’s had the cards out every day, she’s obsessed with them! We’re off to do our shopping later so we can buy the ingredients to make the soup.” (Mum)

I love Porridge & Play” (Child)

“Encouraging imaginative play, giving children confidence & validating their ideas” (Parent)

“Both me and A have enjoyed every minute of it and learned so many new games and songs” (Mum)


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BIG Porridge & Play Glasgow is a 7-week block of Licketyspit Playcard Play & food sessions for local families with children under 12. This year for the very first time we will be going out for sessions 4 and 5 to have Picnic & Play sessions in cultural centres around Glasgow. Find out more by clicking here!